An industry-leading portable power and renewable energy solutions company, EcoFlow has presented its ambition to enter in the Indian terrain. With its new expansion plan, the company aims at providing doorstep-focused energy shortage resolution by promoting greener technologies in essential, outdoor and professional purposes including home back-up, motorbike, camping, construction and filmmaking.

This year, India has recorded a power supply shortage of 1,201 million units in October 2021, one of the highest shortages in the last five years. The innovative and sustainability-driven company, which is already present in over 80 countries in just four years time, wants to create a revolutionary disruption in how Indians consume power as their power stations are touted as the ideal solutions for stress-free off-grid adventures. It offers a wide range of solutions designed to suit different consumer needs and lifestyles.

"The strong showing of support from our customers have enabled us to expand our presence at a fast pace. We remain unwavering in our mission to reinvent the way the world accesses energy. Power is essential for driving economic growth, especially in emerging markets like India. Achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7—Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all—is a necessary precondition for progress on many other SDGs, including those concerning health, education, industry, sustainable cities, and more. Our mission is to revolutionize the industry with affordable and portable solar power across the world,” said Mrs. Jenny Zhang, Global Marketing Head. EcoFlow.

About EcoFlow

Founded in 2017 by the former leading drone company’s engineer, EcoFlow makes portable power stations in various sizes. It also sells solar panels and many other energy-related products for all types of needs for the home. North America, Europe and Japan contribute roughly 80 percent of the company’s sales. EcoFlow had broken the record of Asia technology company on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and its brand-new product DELTAPRO has been named by TIME’s the TOP100 innovative items of the year 2021.

A report from International Finance Corporation has suggested that despite greater access to power in developing countries, over 789 million people across the globe remain in the dark. COVID-19 has had an impact on the sector, particularly by leading to a reduction of demand, financial stress, and disruptions to the power supply chain.

Their pioneering spirit, revolutionary charging technology, and battery management system ensure they will mitigate the disruption in the power supply. They are also committed to provide their global dealers with industry-leading portable power generators that empower their experience.

“Our revolutionary portable power generators bring clean energy to people across the world. From individuals to communities, EcoFlow portable power generators empower our customers today with the future of energy. The devices are portable and don’t demand frequent maintenance,” Mrs Zhang added.

The global portable power station market is expected to reach around USD 500 million by 2026, from an estimated USD 358 million in 2021, according to consultancy Markets and Markets Research. The wider adoption of smart electronic devices, electric vehicles and off-grid power applications, along with the requirement for uninterrupted power and emergency fallbacks, are seen as the big contributors to the market’s expansion.

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