DORTMUND, Germany, Dec. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- QUOMI as a premium, digital, healthcare community aims at bringing a new order and possibilities for all levels of HCP by disrupting old structures and setting new standards. We have created a platform that is extremely user friendly, offering authentic content shared by verified members while ensuring plenty of privacy features that lead to a high degree of professional excellence. Founded by healthcare professionals who understand the community's problems first-hand, QUOMI is an exclusive, inclusive and privacy focused platform. It offers individual and corporate members a professional suite of healthcare content, networking tools, collaboration features and programs.  CEO and founder of QUOMI, Dor Matei, says: "As an HCP, it is important to make the right decisions, be it professional or private. Learn from your colleagues. No one can do their job without the others. Doctors can't work without the help and support of their nurses, medical industry and many others. I do thank my staff every day for the outstanding work they deliver and appreciate them immensely. Don't ever take your staff for granted!" In the words of Dor Matei, "It is to harness the power of a professional collective, a professional tribe that we have built QUOMI. The more we cooperate, the more we can achieve together. QUOMI is trying to reduce stresses by helping you, helping us and making healthcare again what it once was and really should be, taking care of the sick and needy." QUOMI brings together healthcare professionals across the value chain - Nurses, medical assistants, students, physicians, consultants, care givers, innovators, knowledge seekers and so many more. Here they stay up to date with what's new in healthcare and discover unique services that enhance both work and life. QUOMI offers authenticity delivered by verified members, language options, group forums for discussions, jobs, internship opportunities and many other valuable functions. QUOMI also offers students and campuses a world of wisdom around career management and the future of healthcare. By bringing what really matters to an HCP's life right down to our work desk and mobile, improving the quality of our private and professional lives. "There is not one right or just one wrong. There are innumerous variations and combinations that need to be considered carefully, in order to achieve balance and prosperity, henceforth delivering good healthcare," says MUDr. Matei. Find out more about QUOMI and join a disruptive community, just click here. QUOMI GmbH, Maria Gulitskaya Tel. +49 (0) 231-58692807  E-Mail:   Video -  Logo -

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