The past 20 months have completely shifted the way we all used to work. From moving to online or hybrid means of working, it has also given birth to a new way of doing business. Although most people have faced some tough times during pandemic, it has also been recognised as the birthplace for a lot of budding entrepreneurs. Businesses have started from the comfort of home and that's where the essence of entrepreneurship has come into play to see how people have tapped into the potential of their given communities to grow their businesses.

Hey Homie Website

Hey Homie, Co-founded by CEO, Anujj Mehta in 2016 and CTO, Sourabh Lodha in 2021 slated to be launched in early 2022, is an App & WhatsApp store based disruptive venture that empowers home entrepreneurs and passionate homies of Delhi/NCR to sell their products and services from the comfort of their homes.

Pandemic has been a game changer for most Homeprenuers as they were able to provide the community when everything else was inaccessible. The pandemic was also instrumental in giving a boost to budding home chefs in making fresh food available as more and more people switched to eating healthy food while being mindful of the food hygiene which was trusted more in homemade food & this is the driving force for Hey Homie.

Previously launched as Khao Gali and H for Hungry in a rudimentary process for the thriving Whatsapp communities of Gurgaon, the brand is now ready in its new avatar backed by conversational commerce capabilities build on WhatsApp by Founders Anujj & Sourabh. This will enable Hey Homie to expand its footprint and partner with 1000s of home entrepreneurs each month, giving further push to India's #vocalforlocal movement.

To create buzz before the big launch, tapping only the sellers, the brand recently unveiled its platform for home chefs and local Kirana stores of Delhi/NCR. Keeping the sellers apprehensions, opportunities, quality and other aspects in mind, the brand has decided to work with talented home chefs and local stores, giving them an opportunity to associate, learn the mechanics of the app before going live in January, 2022.

"We believe the community is a hero that can provide for one another, which is why we are excited to onboard homepreneurs with Hey Homie. Not only this, we echo the Atmanirbhar Bharat sentiment and aim to empower people and financially equip them in the long run. At Hey Homie, we look forward to having a good homepreneur base ready before going Live for our customers both via our WhatsApp Store & app, so that we can ensure a hassle free and fruitful experience for them. As for our sellers, we wish to provide a seamless experience at an affordable association cost and help the community grow in a big way," says Anujj Mehta, CEO and Co-founder, Hey Homie.

The community led model devised to empower Homepreneuers aims to start its operations with getting home chefs and local store owners on board before expanding in a few months by introducing various other categories. To start with, the sellers and home chefs can list products such as home cooked food, packaged food-perishable and non-perishable, all kinds of beverages, ration, essentials, groceries to name a few.

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