Playing Valorant like a pro is achievable. But it can be frustrating at the beginning stages, especially when your opponent has more tricks than you. So the first step is to understand Valorant's mechanics, then learn ways to use the information to your advantage.

We have tailored this article to contain vital tips you need to quicken your journey towards becoming a pro. Also, you are currently struggling in the game probably because of some undetected Valorant hacks you still haven't used. So we recommend that you take some minutes to go through them.

Tips And Tricks To Play Like A Pro In Valorant

1. Learn more first

Different game players prefer different approaches to games, hence, their choice of agents. A good way to select which approach suits your style of play is by participating in the Practice Range. This mode allows you to practice with different agents and against different agents offline.

Also, the practice mode enables you to try out their different abilities and choose which agent best suits your style. It also allows you to sharpen your skills as you play against tougher bots and faster than you. More so, you have ample time to understand the game modes and mechanics better.

2. Target Heads

You may decide just to shoot any part of your enemies' bodies since it will ultimately result in you killing them. Headshots deals about twice as much damage to your enemies than body shots (legs being the least). This will save you valuable time and, in most cases, your life.

With the fast-moving in-game activities in Valorant, you can be killed while fighting with another enemy for too long. A job you could have completed with a few headshots can take twice with body shots. Headshots also earn you more points, so always target the heads.

3. Play the character you can

In Valorant, you will find different agents who have different roles and abilities. In addition, agents in Valorant belong into different groups, namely Initiators, Duelists, Controllers, And Sentinels. In the game, some agent characters that you will find include Raze, Brimstone, Cypher, Jett, and Omen.

Each of these characters comes with four different abilities, including one unique ability. These abilities will influence your playstyle. For example, if you are an aggressive gamer, Jett is your agent. What is important is that you are comfortable with their abilities, which you should do in the range mode.

4. Aiming Accuracy Matters

A critical aspect of Valorant's gameplay is the accuracy of your shots. The high recoil of weapons in this game makes it difficult to get a steady aim. So always keep your crosshair at a central position to keep it from veering too much from the target.

A preferable pick is the Vandal AK which delivers the deadliest blows in the shortest time. In addition, it has a low recoil, which gives you an improved accuracy advantage and is great for mid-range combat. Most importantly, we recommend that you spend more time in the range mode, practicing.

5. Make Some Adjustments

On occasions, what makes the difference between your results and that of the next gamer is in your settings. It might be your in-game settings or your mouse sensitivity. Either way, the surest way is to customize the settings. Some important in-game settings you should customize include crosshair, audio, minimap, recoil, scope sensitivity, bullet traces.

Your mouse sensitivity is significant in this aspect. You are more likely to find players with sensitivity ranging from 0.3 to 0.5. You may fall in that range, but a good way to fix this is by paying attention and making adjustments in the practice range.


It may not be easy to get the above tips immediately, but it's worth practicing if you want to play like a pro. Make mistakes, catch yourself, make adjustments, and try again. Even your favorite pro-gamers out there once needed tips like these to get ahead in their game.

In a nutshell, aim for the heads, practice more, be comfortable with your agent, and ultimately- don't die. Master the application of these tips, and you will be surprised that your skills will skyrocket.

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