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  • Will provide a platform to manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Consumer-Packaged Goods & Consumer-Durable Goods
  • The virtual trade event will be held between 27-29 October
Basking in the glory of successfully conducting numerous virtual expos for different industries since the onset of the pandemic, Tradeindia, India’s leading B2B online marketplace is back with another congregational offering. This time, the pioneering trade company is preparing to conduct the Grand Consumer goods Expo 2021. The marquee digital trade exposition will extend a new lease of life to the flailing export market and the consumer goods industry in the country.

The virtual trade event will prove instrumental in resolving the post-pandemic business inertia and helping affected industries arise from the consequential slump. The initiative will further provide like-minded business partners a secure environment in which they can connect their prospects. The Consumer Goods Expo will offer a veritable platform to facilitate business growth for manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Consumer-Packaged Goods & Consumer-Durable Goods. With the festive period just around the corner, there is a naturally high demand for consumer goods. This denotes that it is the optimum time for companies to promote and grow their businesses across millions of visitors.

The virtual spectacle will make it possible as it will engineer a host of lucrative growth opportunities for the various stakeholders of the industry. Through this glorious digital confluence, Tradeindia will enable them to Connect with Global & Genuine Prospects Digitally. For the benefit of the indigenous supplier-exporter community, the event will feature a number of Prominent Digital Stalls & Live chat/call features to further meaningful interactions between different parties. Participants can also utilize this platform for Digital Product Launches & Brand Promotion by showcasing their best Offerings to Visitors.

Moreover, business owners can cement promising Business Partnerships & Appoint Distributors. They can engage in beneficial One-on-one interactions with industry experts & business owners. They will have an opportunity to interact with thousands of users which will help them attain Get Qualified Leads & Relevant Buyers. Companies will generate more leads than usual by exploring the visionary concept of Three Days & 72 hours of Active Business.

With the advent of the digital age in wake of the pandemic, businesses across the globe are seeking to transition towards virtual business pathways. With manual modes of operation fast becoming a thing of the past, brands want to attract maximum customers in minimum time through digital means. In a bid connect global business cohorts through the virtual medium for meeting their diverse sets of requirements, Tradeindia ambitions to conduct more than 900 virtual trade fears in 2021. The event will play a crucial role in eliminating geographical barriers and carving novel business prospects and ventures for manufacturers. By connecting with their targeted audience, the businesses can create new prospects for manufacturers around the country.

The Grand Consumer Expo will also feature booths with 3D product displays and community building exercises. The booths will lend a realistic fair-like ambience to the event. The user-friendly online fair can be easily accessed from computer, tablet, and mobile phones. Tradeindia’s online fairs are a digital way of fairs combining modern technology with never-ending developments. Businesses can now achieve get fast and practical results from the virtual fairs of the digital world. The event will also feature live support, live chat, detailed statistics support, integrated marketing communications, all at low cost with high reach.

A recent exhibitor summary by Tradeindia revealed that 72% Exhibitors were satisfied with Virtual Trade Shows while 71% exhibitors said they would recommend Virtual Trade Shows to their friends & colleagues. Similarly, 75% exhibitors said they would like to exhibit in Virtual Trade Shows. In another eye-opening visitor summary, it was seen that 90% Visitors were satisfied with Virtual Trade Show while 92% visitors would recommend Virtual Trade Show to friends & colleagues and 91% visitors stated that they liked attending the digital trade show.

Commenting on the soon-to-be-held virtual trading mela, Mr. Sandip Chhettri for Tradeindia, said, “It is true that we have gradually gone on to become the gatekeepers of the SME ecosystem in the country. As their friends, we always prize their best interests above everything else. There’s no denying that the pandemic set the whole economic wheel racing backwards when it initially struck. But as time passed, a plethora of verticals have managed to resurface from the throes of the disastrous debacle. With humans going digital, businesses must follow suit too. Our numerous virtual trade expositions are simply an effort towards keeping the dialogue between business stakeholders across India and the world, alive and kicking, through digital mediums. We are confident that the Grand Consumer Goods Expo 2021 will be an even bigger success than its predecessor.” 

The Consumer goods expo will cover a wide array of product categories such as Agriculture, Apparel & Fashion, Automobiles (Like: Auto Accessories, Auto Batteries, Auto Parts, Auto Glass, E-Rickshaw, Electric Vehicles, Lubricants, Car Cleaning Products etc.), Chemicals (Like: Detergent Powder & Cakes, Flavours & Food Additives, Perfumes & Fragrances, Cleaning Chemical for Home use, Water Proofing Chemical, Paints, etc.) Consumer Electronics, Electronics & Electrical Supplies, Food & Beverages, Furniture & Handicrafts, Gifts & Crafts, Health & Beauty, Home Supplies, Home Furnishings, Hospital & Medical Supplies, Packaging Material, Dry Fruits, Dairy Products, Edible Oils & Fats, Health Food, Fast Food, Marine & Meat Products, Rice & Snacks, Ayurvedic & Herbal Drugs and Medicines, Anti Infective Drugs & Medicines, Beauty & Cosmetic Products, Hair Care Products, Crockery & Cookware, Kitchen Appliances & Canteen Accessories, Disposable & Tableware Items, Watches & Clocks, Clothes & Makeup, Household Goods & Products, Sports Equipment, Jewellery, Medical Equipment, Toys & Games, Oil & Lubricants, Transportation Equipment, etc.

Furthermore, the virtual trade event will also cover a number of visitor categories like Traders & Distributors, Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, End Users, Manufacturers, Purchasers, Service Providers, Media Houses, Exporters, and E-Commerce Sellers. The event is slated to host 150000+ Visitors, 250+ Exhibitors while featuring 60+ Sponsors from 160+ Countries spread across 2000 Global Cities and 800 Indian Cities while promising a 40% Leads Conversion and business expansion.

The Grand Consumer Expo is the 10th-in-line event in a glorious series of virtual trade congregations organized by Tradeindia. The event will be held between 27-29 October.


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