The SuperApp will be One App for All Companies; multiple opportunities for riders on a single platform

With a vision to transform delivery experience in the country, Shadowfax Technologies, India’s leading crowdsourced logistics platform, today announced the launch of India’s first delivery SuperApp. The app's primary goal would be to accelerate growth of delivery partners by empowering them to access multiple opportunities via a single platform.

There has been a rapid surge of delivery and blue-collar job opportunities over the last few months, which is expected to continue, creating plenty of job opportunities for riders. The idea arose from the current challenge of signing into/ keeping multiple apps, which becomes time-consuming and sub-optimal as the riders may miss out on opportunities.

The SuperApp is specifically designed to address this issue and aid convenience for the delivery partners. With this, riders can access all companies through one app without having to register themselves individually with each company. This process is time-saving, convenient and seamless and provides access to complete information, thus increasing their earning shots.

For the sellers, the platform will be a personalised engine to upsell, cross sell and increase customer connect through tech enabled last mile delivery.

Speaking about the launch of the SuperApp and its purpose, Mr. Abhishek Bansal, Co-Founder and CEO Shadowfax Technologies, said, “We take immense pride in launching this app as we expect it to be a life-changer for thousands of riders and millions of lives and consider it crucial for the evolving delivery sector in India.

We look at this platform as a great leveler as it gives accessibility to a plethora of opportunities. Riders get the benefits of greater flexibility, convenience, and better income while the companies can increase their rider base on a need basis, allowing them to scale up seamlessly without any additional scale up costs.”

SuperApp is based on 4 moats- Brand of choice for all delivery partners, Platform to provide infinite flex, Lowest delivery costs and maximum earnings and Best in class customer experience. Post thorough research and analysis, the company has embedded the app with advanced and efficient technology that aims at reducing the cost of last mile delivery. AI/ML powered location based tracking is enabling delivery partners to grab more opportunities within their closest proximity.

This is the first delivery SuperApp in India that offers access to maximum companies on the same platform. The riders will also be able to leverage on the exciting offers and daily payouts with add-on financial benefits like loans and insurance.

About Shadowfax Technologies

Shadowfax is the largest on-Demand tech enabled gig marketplace to help enterprises outsource last mile tasks. Shadowfax employs technology and AI to offer supply that keeps pace with demand in the fast growing and highly fragmented hyperlocal distribution ecosystem and ensures an incredible end-customer experience.

The Shadowfax app has more than a million downloads, and is designed as an immersive platform for delivery and is a single app that works across multiple platforms. The app is used as an avenue for guaranteed earnings across multiple E-com and Hyperlocal platforms.

Shadowfax has been consistently widening its area of operations by expanding in E-commerce and Hyperlocal segments and getting into new growth areas like grocery distribution.

Shadowfax has extremely friendly employee policies that are designed to be highly empathetic and are always looking for ways to make the riders lives better, and transform the appeal of delivery and other blue-collar jobs as an attractive career option. A job at Shadowfax ensures strong earning potential along with a high degree of flexibility and freedom along with support services like loans, and insurance.

Shadowfax was co-founded by Abhishek Bansal, Gaurav Jaithliya, Praharsh Chandra, and Vaibhav Khandelwal in 2015. Over the last six years, it has now grown to a team size of close to 5000 employees with 100K+ daily active users(delivery partners) in more than 600+ cities in India, fulfilling 500k+ orders per day, in over 7000+ pin codes.


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