If you are not already acquainted with Jeet11, it is an online cricket betting app developed by the team sharechat. Being new to the market, the users of this app have more chances to earn money and other rewards using the app. When using the fantasy cricket app, winning rewards can be extremely difficult, but whenever a new fantasy and betting app is released, the chances of winning monetary rewards become more probable.

Similar to the available fantasy cricket app, the Jeet11 app also uses the same user interface, and before any cricket match, you can create and register your own cricket team before participating in the match. And the winning conditions are also similar to that of other fantasy apps where if you score higher, you will win, or else you lose.

GetMega, on the other hand, is an application that offers more features than Jeet11. It offers not only fantasy cricket but also carrom, poker, GoPool, etc. With these extra features offered, people can easily participate in other games as well. GetMega also has flash leaderboards that change hourly. To be the top player on the leaderboard, you will have to both play and win the games you are participating in.

The leaderboard prizes of the GetMega app are awarded to the top 10 players in the leaderboard. They also have two types of the leaderboard: free and paid. Depending upon how players participate, the leaderboard rewards also differ. Users can win up to 100,000 weekly; other than that, mobile, electronic gadgets, gold coins, etc. are rewarded to the winners.

Fantasy games offer exciting rewards

Exciting gameplay

The gameplay of GetMega and Jeet11 are very attractive and entertaining. Although Jeet11 mostly offers fantasy games like cricket, football, kabaddi, etc. but nonetheless it is extremely engaging. Jeet11 also offers various payment options for both deposit and withdrawal, making it easier for the users to conduct transactions. GetMega, on the other hand, focuses on maximizing the user experience through gameplay. One special feature of GetMega is that it supports both vertical and horizontal gameplay. With this feature, players can comfortably focus on their games without getting interrupted.

GetMega has three categories of games: Casual, Trivia and Cards. In card games, they offer Poker and Rummy; in the trivia category, they offer PicMe, GK and 123. And the last category, which is casual games, has to offer ABC Rummy, GoPool, Carrom, Dots and Dash, Warship. Users can easily participate in any game of their choice and win exciting rewards through winning games.

Referral rewards

With Jeet11, you can refer to your friends and earn rewards. With every referral, you will earn huge bonuses and perks. The same can be applied for GetMega because it also offers exciting referral programs through which you can earn money with every single referral. But for GetMega, there are certain conditions that need to be fulfilled before the user can claim the referral rewards. The two primary conditions to claim the referral rewards are:
  • The referral should be done from the contact book of the user; else the referral reward would be invalid.
  • GetMega also offers video and audio chat modes while playing any game. The other condition requires the player to play a game with the referred person using video chat mode.
If the user completes these two processes without any disruption, then they can claim the referral reward from GetMega.

Huge signup bonus

Jeet11 and GetMega both offer attractive signup bonuses to the players in addition to the first time deposit bonus. Jeet11 gives their first time user 100 rupees in their wallet and a referral bonus of 50 rupees on every new user of your referral. GetMega also offers captivating offers once you sign up or register in the app.

Video and audio feature

At one point, GetMega became one step ahead of every other app of the same category. No other gaming app offers in-game audio and video features. The game offers HD quality video with enhanced sounds so that players can enjoy the game while communicating and cooperating. Maximum 8 players can join together while playing a game with video chat features. This particular in-game feature of GetMega allows users to enjoy the game with their friends and families.

Security measures

The fantasy cricket, football and kabaddi game offered by Jeet11 is completely safe and secure. The app heavily protects its client’s data by implementing various security measures. All the data collected from the users remain completely secured within the application.

GetMega is an active member of the All India Gaming Federation, and that is the reason the app developers prioritize protecting their customer’s data. The safety of the user’s data is of the utmost importance for GetMega. Different in-game tools such as shuffle mechanics and random number generators are certified by a reputed Australian firm named iTech labs.

With proper knowledge and using different tactics, players can easily enjoy playing games in GetMega and Jeet11. Use the opportunity to earn exciting rewards.

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