Alt Co. a sustainable plant-based alternative start-up based in Bangalore, has collaborated with a few giants in the market like Thirdwave Coffee Roasters, KC Roasters, Coffee by Di Bella, and Zed the Baker to integrate its Oat Milk in their authentic coffee recipes. Alt Co. has always aimed to deliver the best alternative dairy products. With its nutritious, lactose-free, and green oat milk and coffee brands Alt-Co. Is gearing up to give it an eco-friendly outlook and help usher the coffee industry into a new age.

With 80% less greenhouse gas emissions, 60% energy saved, and 100% plant-based milk, Alt Co. has undoubtedly taken the stage in recent years. Inspired by the growth of Alt Co., many other brands have followed suit and are looking to go green to have an extensive impact in the industry. All these brands plan to collaborate and revolutionize the average cup of joe.

Alt Co. had been in discussions with these leading names to demonstrate the key to gaining traction for their coffee. With people shifting to more healthy ways of life and developing a plant-based diet, coffee, and other products having Alt-Co.s plant-based oat milk in the mix is just what the market requires. Both parties, having seen this vision, are culminating together to change the market landscape colossally.

Speaking about the collaboration, Basan Patil, Co-founder, from Alt Co. said, "We are exhilarated to supply these big coffee brands with our plant-based oat milk as it has proven to be the next big step towards the future. In hindsight of the impact that our past lifestyle has had, a lot of people are shifting to a plant-based diet. Therefore, joining hands with these brands will prove to be revolutionary. Having our nut-free, healthy green oat milk top off some of the best coffee makers is a huge honor and we look forward to introducing a plethora of other alternative-dairy products like vegan ice cream!"


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