Focussed on emerging as the most prominent Indian Telecom subscription and comparison service provider in India

Selectra India Adorns The Crown In The Telecom Niche

With our hard work and struggle, Selectra India becomes a highly trusted brand across all regions of India. We offer creditable advice on available telecom services which enable users to make perceptive decisions. Selectra India has got all customers covered by showing them what’s best and giving them what they need, based on utility and economy.

Why we entered this niche

The Indian telecom industry is brimming with mobile/internet service operators and DTH/OTT operators. Each Indian subscriber has a comprehensive list of plans and packs with attractive offers and benefits. Choosing one from among so many is a daunting task. Gathering information on all these available plans requires another mundane effort. Selectra India does the hard part for users. They get entire lists of available plans from all the service providers, comparison tables showing the benefits from each provider, guides, checklists and so much more. With a team conducting deep research, the most affordable plans are now just a click away for Indian subscribers.

Selectra Experiences A Spectacular Transformation Into A Transcontinental Force

From humble beginnings in 2007, Selectra has seen a major transformation in its operational network. Aurian and Xavier are the founders of this intercontinental organisation. Today Selectra has emerged as a brand name in the Energy, Gas and Telecom industries. The mission of the organisation is to bring the best to customers across the globe, helping them save money and giving them choices with great benefits. 

Selectra now enjoys a wide customer base in 17 countries including India. Selectra offers services in -
  1. France,
  2. Spain,
  3. Portugal,
  4. Italy,
  5. Germany,
  6. Austria,
  7. The United Kingdom,
  8. Belgium,
  9. Brazil,
  10. Mexico,
  11. Bulgaria,
  12. Ireland,
  13. Turkey,
  14. Australia,
  15. Texas (USA),
  16. Japan,
  17. India

It’s a matter of pride and honour to announce that Selectra is now at the 653 rd position in the list of the fastest-growing companies in Europe.

Proving The Power Of Perseverance -Selectra India Stands A Class Apart

Thriving Customer engagement is the key to achieving a loyal consumer base. This is the underlying principle of Selectra India. Getting to know our customers, understanding them, their budgets and telecom requirements is what we prioritise. And this makes us way ahead of our competitors. We engage in healthy customer relationships, rather than following the chase for profit. Each customer who approaches us for guidance on the best mobile/internet plans is given not only the details but also a well-studied comparison between various service providers so that they can choose the most suitable, in terms of value and money.

A Message From The Business Head Of Selectra India

Mr Arvind Patil, Business Head of Selectra India gives a promising statement that clearly shows the progress of the company.
Within 4 months of launch we started getting traction and there are about 800-1000 visitors daily, which represents the audience's need and that they are consuming the required information. It's our pleasure that we are managing to fulfil their expectations and helping them to save their bills." Mr Patil remarked.

"During this pandemic, we have seen the Digital transformation and development of telecom base. We are keener towards helping homes and businesses make the right choice of investment and save bills to support a better India!", he concluded.

Envisioning Greater Heights -We Continue Our Voyage

The Indian telecom industry is fast evolving and now stands at the second position in the whole world. As per reports from TRAI, gross revenue in the third quarter of FY21 was Rs. 68,228 crores (US$ 9.35 billion). The average wireless data usage per subscriber, which was 11 GB monthly in FY20, is expected to reach 18 GB by 2024. This shows the exponential growth of internet users in the country.

Selectra has chosen a great time to enter the Indian market. A per our research, the density of users have increased from 18.23% (FY16) to 87.26%(FY21) which also indicates the increase in demand in the rural areas of the country. We expect that by 2023, India will easily reach the top position in the telecom industry globally.

Oblige us by joining our journey towards more accomplishments. We are open to feedback and are on a constant drive to improve our services.

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