You often hear people cursing smartphones for being the source of all that is evil today. Whether it be the reduced attention span of Gen Z and Millennials or increased social isolation, smartphones have surely been associated with a lot of “bad.”

However, it all comes down to how you use the technology in front of you. The same technology has been immensely beneficial for our lives and has the power to help each of us as well.

Did you know that there are apps out there that can help you in quitting your bad habits? Whether you are looking to stop smoking, reduce your weight or simply motivate yourself to go to the gym, having the right resources can help a lot.

Here are five apps that can help you in breaking away from bad habits.

1. HabitHub

Are there any specific good habits you wish to adopt? Or any bad ones you wish to avoid? HabitHub eases you into adapting positive habits and abandoning bad ones.

Using this app, you can create a list of habits and goals you wish to accomplish. Just like Snapchat streaks, the more days you stay away from bad habits or adopt good ones, the longer your streak will be. These streaks act as perfect motivation to keep going.

At the same time, the app comes with a scheduling system that helps in tracking different habits. This allows you to visualize your progress at all times.

2. Fooducate

A survey by Statista revealed that only 29.42% of respondents reported that they consumed junk food less than once a week! Considering the detrimental effects of an unhealthy diet, this is quite an alarming statistic.

If you have a hard time implementing healthy eating in your life, you might want to give Fooducate a try. Don’t mistake this app for a weight loss solution.

If you also wish to go down that road, we advise you to seek help from a professional weight loss coach or nutritionist. Fooducate can act as the perfect complementary app to ensure that you stay true to your weight loss goals.

The app simply tracks your eating habits and gives access to a community of people who are on the same journey as you. You will find various healthy recipes on the platform, some being iterations of popular dishes that many like.

3. Big Barn World

Are you immensely impatient in life? Well, you are certainly not alone! According to a survey done by Fifth Third Bank, over 96 percent of US citizens would knowingly consume dangerously hot food rather than waiting for it to cool down! This just goes to show how impatient the masses are.

And while impatience in virtue is not an intrinsically bad habit, it can have negative effects on relationships and attitude when it gets out of hand. Hence, apps that teach you patience can be of immense help.

One such solution is offered by airG scam free apps – a game called Big Barn World. This farming game has its players planting and reaping different crops that require watering and a lot of waiting. This little exercise is ideal for teaching people the art of waiting.

4. Quit Now!

According to CDC, in America alone, there are over 34.1 million adult smokers as of 2019. And at least half of adult smokers have tried to quit smoking but in vain.

Quitting this bad habit is by far the most difficult and requires immense restraint. If you are also trying to quit smoking, Quit Now! is an app you might want to try to achieve.

This app is equipped with a variety of features that try to make quitting smoking look lucrative. For instance, the app has an achievement system to get you through the task day by day. Additionally, it also lists multiple health indicators that can help you gauge how far you have come.

The best thing about this quitting app is that it has a community of ex-smokers. No one can understand your plight better than those who have experienced the same distress. To truly believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel, you can talk to other ex-smokers to learn about their experiences.

5. House Clean

There are only a few souls out there who like cleaning their houses. This is even more true when you are a working individual! After all, after a long hard day at work, the last thing you want to worry about is sweeping your floors or cleaning your washroom. Alas, these things must be done.

If you are particularly messy, House Clean is the perfect app for you to adopt the habit of being neat and organized. The app acts as domestic duty management. Use it to create a list of all the domestic duties that need to be done, and the app will do the job of reminding you about them – until you check them off.

Watch as you transform from a slob to an organized individual.

Ending Remarks

Whether you are messy, impatient, an addict, or a junk food lover, you will find at least one app in this list that will help you break your bad habit. Download it today to begin your journey towards the good side. Remember, along with the app; you will need self-restraint and dedication as well.

Good luck! We are all rooting for you.

This content is authored Audrey ThroneShe has an ongoing affair with the words that capture readers’ attention. Her passion for writing dates back to her pre-blogging days. She loves to share her thoughts related to business, technology, health and fashion.

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