Today we are going to tell you about such a vegetable, knowing about the price of which you will get blown away. The price of this vegetable can be gauged from the fact that you can buy gold ornaments in this amount. 

Popular in European countries, the cost of the world's most expensive vegetable is Rs 1 lakh per kg and it is now being produced on a trial basis in Aurangabad district of Bihar. It was first planted in Himachal Pradesh.

The name of the vegetable is Hop-shoot and it was discovered in the 11th century and were then used as a flavoring agent in beer. After this it was used as herbal medicine and gradually as a vegetable. The shoots contain an acid called humulones and lupulones. It is believed that these acids play an effective role in killing cancer cells in the human body. Due to this quality, it is the most expensive vegetable

Hop shoots are not a minor vegetable, which you can find in vegetable markets and other markets like other vegetables. It can also be ordered only on special order. The price of one kilo hop shoots in the market ranges from Rs 80 thousand to Rs 1 lakh. Yes, you can buy 15 to 20 grams of gold jewelry for the cost of one kilo of hop shoots. Not only this, you can also bring home a sparkling new motorcycle for the cost of one kilo hop shoots.

Amresh Singh, 38, a farmer from Karamdih village under Navinagar block of Aurangabad district of Bihar is reportedly the first farmer in India to cultivate hop-shoots. Six years ago, he sold a kilogram of hop-shoots in the international market for £1,000, which converts to about 1 lakh in Indian rupees.

Used to Make Beer

Some reports suggest that its current price has remained the same for many years. It is the most expensive vegetable in the world. Its price varies depending on its quality. According to a report by NBT, this vegetable is used to make beer. Hop shoots are a very rare vegetable, different parts of which are used in different ways. The flowers of hop shoots are called hop cones and these flowers are used in making beer. On the other hand, the sprigs of this vegetable can be eaten in many different ways.

Used in Medicine

The fruits, flowers, and stems of hop-shoots are all used to make beverages and make medicines such as antibiotics. The medicine made from the stem of this vegetable is also used in the treatment of TB.

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