If the last 15 years are any indication, then the iGaming market is here to stay. It is a million-dollar generating market whose prospects are only growing a lot more. Partly because the technological advancements of the mobile phone era are capitalized by the industry and are able to connect so many people. Now, India has been playing catch up on this market for quite some time. Why wouldn’t it? The mobile industry is booming in the country, and that’s exactly what iGaming needs. So, if you’re new to all this, read on to inform yourself on what sports gambling software solutions are best for you!

There are several software solutions for sports gambling in India, and it’s honestly a tough job to choose one. In this article, you will find what features to look for in your sports gambling software and what would work best for you.

Excellent Software and Website UI

When you want to choose a sports gambling software provider, the first thing you should know is to find someone that can give you an excellent software UI and be a great web designer to customize your needs as best as possible. If your software is lagging and your website is unattractive, you cannot bring in new customers. It might even be that your existing customers leave.

Mobile Optimization

India is a hotspot of mobile sales. These new mobile phones have an untapped potential to make sports gambling something you cannot imagine. Make sure your software solutions have optimizations in place for mobile use. If I have to make the decision, I’d say this should be the highest area of your investment.

Customer Care

The Indian marketplace is heavily dependent on how well you receive your customers. You are likely to lose a lot of business if your customer care is faulty and untrained. Ensure you only hire professionals and make sure they are always up to date on all updates on your software. This can only happen if your software solutions company is open and clear about everything that it is doing regarding your software with you. Finding a company like that should be your primary goal.

Safety and Reliability

In your business, safety is a must. A lot of people are going to have a lot of wagers on various predictions about various sports. Therefore a lot of money is going to change hands in a short period. Ensuring timely payouts and seamless deposits is essential to gain customer trust and make a name for yourself. Your software solutions need to understand this concept exceptionally well and make all proper arrangements.

Third-Party Integration

You will need to add third-party integrations to your platform for various purposes, such as a payments gateway to accept deposits and issue payouts. If you’re gaming solutions provider does not have any reliable third-party payments gateways to integrate onto your platform, that’s a red flag to keep walking towards the door and never looking back.

All things considered, picking the right sports gambling software solutions in India would be challenging since many homegrown and foreign companies are expanding to take hold of this market. So talk to as many companies as you can and get a quote from all of them before making your choice.


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