New Delhi, 20thJuly’21: Pioneer India Electronics, a leading car infotainment brand in India, has recently launched its 2021 Hi-Res Special Edition car component speakers, the 17cm (6.5-inch) TS-VR170C, TS-V170C, and TS-J170C. These speakers—designed by Pioneer’s audio engineers in Japan and tuned to the discerning tastes of Indian consumers—were made to deliver stunningly realistic, vivid audio that reproduces all the intricate details and emotion in every piece of music.

At Pioneer, we always aim to deliver the best car infotainment experience to our customers. These new speakers will take us beyond the boundaries of what was thought possible in terms of car audio experience and set new benchmarks in the market. Our focus is on delivering authentic high resolution sound while being ergonomic and practical,” said Mr. Hideaki ISHII, Managing Director of Pioneer India Electronics.

According to the 2020 Audio Tech Lifestyles consumer survey conducted by Futuresource Consulting, the consumersare looking to the future and craving products with superior audio quality. At such a crucial time, the arrival of Pioneer’s new Hi-Res series seems to be pretty timely.


New Pioneer TS-VR170C Hi-Res Special Edition Speakers

Leading the 2021 Hi-Res Special Edition Speaker line-up is the TS-VR170C, specially designed and manufactured by Pioneer in Japan to produce the new ‘Pioneer Flagship Sound’ concept — a realistic audio experience that authentically reproduces the sound from musician’s voices and instruments in an excellent, broad soundstage.

To produce such a high standard of sound, Pioneer’s audio engineers employed Pioneer’s signature ‘Takumi’ craftsmanship approach, leveraging innovations from the edge of acoustics science and combining them with Pioneer’s dedication to ultimate sound quality. Taking inspiration from the company’s best award-winning speaker models in Japan, Pioneer’s engineers rigorously tested over 200 different combinations of materials, speaker shapes, and setups — all to create an ideal design that delivers a new ‘Pioneer Flagship Sound’.

The TS-VR170C’s tweeter was designed with a 25mm ‘Dual Arc Ring’ aluminum diaphragm to reproduce a wide range of high frequencies, up to 65kHz. This uniquely designed diaphragm works in concert with the tweeter’s voice coil, aluminum equalizer, and a powerful neodymium magnet to minimize distortion and ensure true-to-life accuracy, producing crystal-clear expressive high notes that make voices and musical instruments sound absolutely outstanding. Redesigned, adjustable tweeter housing also gives drivers several flexible installation options.

The TS-VR170C’s woofer was designed with a dual-layer carbon fiber cone, supported by a high-performance, space-efficient square wire voice coil, a neodymium magnet and strong aluminum die-cast basket. This setup accurately reproduces low-to-mid frequencies, free from distortion — faithfully reproducing sound from drums, bass, and strings. To ensure a uniform reproduction of sound across frequencies, Pioneer created a special crossover network for the TS-VR170C that uses thicker coils, premium-grade film capacitors, and gold-plated terminals. This crossover also features a tweeter attenuator and support for bi-amp connections, giving listeners the freedom to tweak the overall sound balance to their specific tastes.


Pioneer TS-V170C — Designed In Japan

Designed in Japan, the TS-V170C takes inspiration from Pioneer’s world-renowned Z-Series speakers and elevates the ‘Open & Smooth’ sound concept with a new design. The TS-V170C’s aluminum tweeter diaphragm, Harmonized Synthetic Diaphragm Optimum Method (HSDOM) created via computer analysis, provides a well- tuned, wide frequency response of up to 64kHz. The speaker’s woofer, designed with a dual-layer Aramid Fiber cone, high-strength center cap, large strontium magnet, and aluminumdiecast basket accurately reproduces low and midrange frequencies. 

With a redesigned crossover, the TS-V170C delivers a premium sound signature with open, smooth, and detailed soundstage, creating an incredibly immersive Hi-Res audio experience.

The TS-J170C also reimagines the ‘Open & Smooth’ concept, using a mix of tried-and-tested designs and innovative technologies to bring dynamic, ‘live’ sound to drivers everywhere. While the TS-J170’s poly-imide balanced dome tweeter design produces a clear high-frequency response of up to 58kHz, the woofer’s new Injection Molding Carbonized Cone (IMCC) cone and high efficiency square wire voice coil work together with a redesigned crossover to create strong, dynamic, and immersive low-to-mid frequencies — transforming the in-car listening experience into a live studio performance.


To ensure a hassle-free installation experience, Pioneer has bundled the TS-V170C and TS-J170C with multi-fit adapters, multi-fit connectors, and installation accessories for tweeters. These adapter kits feature a variety of mounting options and connectors that fit a wide variety of Asian, American and Continental cars, giving drivers everywhere the option to install these speakers themselves.

Drivers looking for more information on fitment and guidance on speaker choice can use Pioneer’s CarSoundFit app, which simulates Pioneer speakers' sound quality versus factory-fitted setups. CarSoundFit is available on the Apple App Storeand the Google Play Storefor most countries today.

About Pioneer India

Pioneer India, a subsidiary of Pioneer Corporation, Japan, is a renowned vendor in-car infotainment space. Established in 2008, it offers a multitude of high-quality car infotainment products, including, head units, amplifiers,Speakers and DJ equipment. All the products from Pioneer India are synonymous for their superior sonic performance and brilliant build quality. Pioneer has been a major player in the Indian car infotainment industry for more than 3 decades and has earned the customers’ trust with its revolutionary products. It works in alignment with the global corporate vision of the parent company, continuously innovating and producing iconic in-car audio and video infotainment solutions for its customers.
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