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In a world of growing expenses, many of us have considered a side hustle to help make ends meets. While there are hundreds of different options, video making is a quick way to earn some extra bucks. In today’s times' video is the most preferred form of digital content and several brands are keen on video marketing. Influencers and celebrities are leveraging video to connect with their target group.

In such a situation, knowing how to create videos is an important life skill and a quick way to make money. These days most smartphones film high-quality videos. If you have a basic understanding of the concepts of light and shadows, you can create stellar videos even with free editing tools. In this article, we will discuss five ways by which you can leverage your imaginative power and knowledge of video editing to make money.

Establish a YouTube Presence

The first step to making money off your videos is to get popular on YouTube. YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform and the second most popular search engine. To establish a YouTube presence, create a channel on the platform. Then, plan your video content such that your followers get to see regular videos.

Understand that consistency is the key to satisfied followers and the best way to attract subscribers. As more and more people start following your channel for valuable content, you can look for ways to monetize your content. While YouTube pays for videos with more than 1000 views, other ways involve allowing YouTube to display ads on your content. That way, as your followers view or click on those ads, you will be paid money.

While the top paid YouTubers earn millions of dollars on YouTube, you need to understand that patience is the key to success. Do not expect to make money from day 1 and try to maintain diversity in your posts.

SEO optimize your content for maximum reach. For example, try to identify keywords that are relevant to your video and add them to the title and description. Add subtitles and closed captioning to the video to improve its YouTube visibility. Come up with a visually appealing thumbnail so that people are tempted into clicking on it.

Offer Video-Related Service

As the popularity of video marketing touches new ceilings, understand that not every small business can afford to have an in-house video creation team. Such businesses look for freelancers who can create high-quality videos for their projects. Many people are keen on uploading high-quality videos to social media but are incapable of video editing. They look to outsource their travel or personal video editing jobs to freelancers.

When you work as a freelance video editor, you get to choose the type of orders that you will work on. With the easy availability of free online video editor tools, there is a minimal financial investment involved in taking up such projects. Local business promotional videos, business conference videos, or video production for personal events such as a wedding or baby shower are some of the most common types of freelance projects.

The pay associated with such video-related services depends on your editing expertise, experience, area of operation, and several other factors. As your take up more work, the editing will speak for itself, and word-of-mouth recommendation will help you get popular.

Create Video Lessons

When you create subject matter videos on your industry niche, you establish your presence as a veteran. This helps people gain respect for you and come to you to gain knowledge. For instance, if you own a bakery, you can create tutorial videos. Topics of the videos can range from how to frost your cake to tips on cleaning the baking tools. The tutorial videos have a high chance of getting popular and you will gain good digital visibility.

Such video lessons can be shared from your social media handle, brand website, or video-sharing platforms. By giving your audience valuable content, you earn their loyalty. Over time, you can offer then subscription-based video services. That way, the interested viewers will pay-per-view or go for a monthly or annual subscription of what you have to offer.

As a content creator, you can share such paid footage as a bundle that can be downloaded. The better the quality of your videos, the better is the associated money-making potential.

Sell Your Stock Footage

If you have video footage that you are not using in your commercial videos, you can post them as stock footage. Other video creators often need such b-roll clips to complete their videos and would gladly pay for what you are offering.

There are multiple stock footage websites that let you sell footage and get paid immediately. In such cases, the revenue will be split between you and the website that hosts the stock footage. As you gain popularity, you can start selling your footage directly from your website and maximize your profits.

Sell Product Placements

A relatively new way to make money off your videos is by affiliate advertising. Here, you first create or acquire the rights to viral videos. The videos are usually short and have inspiring, funny, or controversial subjects. Emotional videos have a high chance of being shared and getting viral. Once you have viral videos in your kitty, you can sell product placements in the subsequent videos.

The only challenge here is the fact that you cannot guarantee a viral video. All you can do is create a video on a popular topic that has a high chance of being shared. Encouraging your friends and social media followers to engage with the video will go a long way in making it viral. When videos with affiliate advertisements get viral, you can expect good money.

The secret to making money off your videos is to be persistent in your efforts. You should be ready to walk the extra mile and create exemplary content. In the initial days, you may have to create videos for free to build your digital presence. However, with proper strategizing and due efforts, the world of videos will give you immense money-making opportunities.


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