Business Wire India, the World’s First Integrative Oncology healthtech platform, has launched India’s first app for cancer community – CANNECT App dedicated to connect patients, caregivers, survivors, and experts. CANNECT App enables its members to connect with like-minded survivors and patients with same cancer type, share learnings and experiences, consult with experts, and plan treatment better. Cancer patients, caregivers, survivors, and experts can join CANNECT App for free at (Website) or (Android App).

For patients, caregivers, and survivors: CANNECT App educates its members on how to increase chances of cancer cure, and improve quality of life at the same time through scientific evidence-based Integrative Oncology treatment protocols, side effects, and symptoms management, connecting with relevant experts and planning treatment better. CANNECT App guides across all phases of cancer journey starting from cancer diagnosis to treatment to survivorship or palliative care. CANNECT App is also akin to a virtual hospital where patients and caregivers can connect with cancer experts to get answers to their questions immediately and also plan their treatment. CANNECT App can help patients significantly improve their treatment outcome by helping them evaluate the medical and non-medical treatment protocols available to improve the chances of cancer cure and reduce the chances of recurrence.

For healthcare practitioners: CANNECT App enables healthcare practitioners to track their patients’ health 24/7 through the platform and send regular updates on their progress. It also sends notification alerts to notify healthcare practitioners if any of their patient needs any urgent help so that appropriate assistance can be provided timely.

Benefits of community support and Integrative Oncology: The Society for Integrative Oncology clinical practice guidelines give a Grade 1A rating to support groups and supportive/expressive therapy as part of a multidisciplinary approach to reduce anxiety, mood disturbance, chronic pain and improve quality of life. This is the strongest level of recommendation, meaning that in a review of quality evidence, the benefits outweigh the risks and the therapy can be applied to most patients in most circumstances without reservation. Further, longer life was seen among people with cancer with a higher degree of social involvement (more friends and relatives) and greater participation in community groups[1]. Also, research shows that cancer patients that opt for Integrative Oncology lived longer and were 33% more likely to live at 5 years than patients getting standard treatment alone[2].

Technology tools supporting patients and caregivers: ZIOPAR ( Integrative Oncology Preliminary Assessment Report) is another advanced technology platform developed by that has already benefitted 40,000+ patients and caregivers. It is the World’s First Artificial Intelligence-based tool to generate directional cancer treatment reports free of cost, and it also received global recognition at the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) Annual Virtual Congress. This tool is accessible for free at

Services for patients, caregivers, and survivors: CANNECT App and ZIOPAR tool have been developed by and its sister concern Love Heals Cancer (section 80G registered NGO). and Love Heals Cancer guide cancer patients in their treatment journey right from the beginning: This includes choosing the right oncologist/hospital, getting diagnostic tests, getting chemo drugs at an affordable price, counseling on anti cancer diet, emotional wellness, ayurveda, medical cannabis, and connecting with other cancer patients and survivors. provides 360-degree care to cancer patients through its in-house team of dedicated counselors available 24/7 to guide cancer patients in their treatment journey.

Dimple Parmar, Co-founder of and Love Heals Cancer says, “When I was caregiving for Nitesh, I felt the strong need to connect with like-minded people who have gone through the journey so that I could incorporate the best practices in Nitesh’s treatment. But it was getting increasingly difficult to do so since there was no organized platform in this regard. Since then, I’ve always wanted to have a community platform dedicated for cancer patients. CANNECT App fulfils that dream of mine and many other patients and caregivers going through this journey. I’m sure that this shall simplify lives of millions of patients and caregivers. CANNECT App brings together all cancer patients, survivors, caregivers, and experts so that they can connect with, learn from and inspire each other. Because we heal together in a community.”

Kishan Shah, Co-founder of and Love Heals Cancer adds, “Till now, there has been a huge gap where patients want to connect with survivors and experts, and survivors and experts also want to guide patients, but there hasn’t been a platform that connects the two. I’ve myself received at least 1,000+ requests where survivors and caregivers want to give back to the society. Now many more thousands of cancer supporters can give back to the society through the CANNECT App. This is one of the proudest moments for the team – we are now bringing together thousands of cancer warriors on India’s first cancer community – CANNECT App.”

Link to CANNECT (Website):
Link to CANNECT App (Android):
Link to ZIOPAR:
[1] Deng GE, Frenkel M et al. Evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for integrative oncology: complementary therapies and botanicals. Journal of the Society for Integrative Oncology. 2009 Summer;7(3):85-120
[2] Study by Dr. Keith Block – Life Over Cancer (2009)


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