Today, human race is dreaming of settling on Mars and Moon from Earth. Have you ever thought that even if we settle there, then from where will we get water for bathing and washing clothes. The way we wash clothes with excessive water, it will not be able to walk on the moon or Mars. In such a situation, the question arises that how will the clothes be washed? The International Space Agency is preparing the answer to this question, NASA

Actually, the problem of washing the dirty clothes of the astronauts and delivering them every year in large quantities is acute in front of NASA. Then NASA has also found a solution for this, which is quite interesting.

Until now, astronauts preparing to fly from the Moon to Mars had to wear their clothes many times in the International Space Station. The reason was the problem of not being able to wash them. In such a situation, their dirty clothes are collected and changed. Every year, NASA has to send about 73 kg of cloth only for the use of astronauts (How do astronauts do laundry). The cost is also very high in this and the clothes used are so dirty that they have to be destroyed many times.

The world's first Space-Laundry Soap

The US space agency NASA is going to make the world's first detergent for laundry in space to clean clothes in space and finding a permanent solution to this problem. For same, NASA has joined hands with Procter & Gamble Co. (Procter & Gamble Co.). And now the American brand Tide, which makes laundry soap, is preparing a special detergent for washing clothes not only on earth but also in space. 

According to this agreement, the space agency NASA will take detergent soap to space for testing next year. According to the report of the Times of India, Dr. Michael Robert, the acting chief scientist of the International Space Station, has said that at this time the clothes of the astronauts are destroyed by sending them back to Earth. Due to the limitations of sending goods into space, sending clean clothes is challenging.

The water used can be drunk after the washing 

The clothes will be a challenge to provide clothes in space during the journey to Mars and Moon in the coming times. In such a situation, if the use of detergent is successful, then the big problem will be solved. There will also be a shortage of water in the journey to Mars. In such a situation, the detergent used in laundry should be such that the water used can be cleaned and drunk. NASA estimates that if Tide or other companies are successful in making soap, then the clothes used by the astronauts will be washed and this will also reduce the cost.

On the other hand, the detergent maker says that their soap will be destroyed after use. This will eliminate stains and odor and the remaining water can be drunk. Once it is tested in space, then it will be known how effective it is in zero gravity and the environment there. In the future, this technology will also help in making soap for the earth. This will reduce the damage to the environment and also save water.

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