LOVO AI Voice Marketplace Lets Your Voice Earn While You Sleep

Voice actors can make thousands of dollars simply by submitting a 15-minute voice sample

Berkeley, Calif. – June 2, 2021— LOVO, an AI voice-over platform for education, marketing, entertainment, and overall audio content production, today launches the LOVO AI Voice Marketplace to give voice actors a flexible and fast way to secure more job opportunities and earn more income. From a simple voice recording, the platform allows ‘voicers’ to create a custom and free AI voice which then becomes available to thousands of LOVO users around the world seeking the right voice. The voicers can then easily earn thousands of dollars without any additional effort.

The new LOVO AI Voice Marketplace helps individuals, small businesses and established businesses quickly and easily find right-fit voice talent for their projects. At the same time, it gives voice actors a better way to find a steady stream of gigs and earn more income. The service pays vetted voicers a 50% revenue share from all fees generated by LOVO users using their voices. During the launch period, anyone registered with the LOVO Marketplace will receive a $50 sign up bonus.

The AI voice, text-to-speech and the traditional voice-over industry's compound annual growth is now estimated to be $10 billion--having increased tremendously in the past five years--so the current need for voices for a full range of products and services is enormous. LOVO’s team of experts in voice acting, sound editing, artificial intelligence and content creation have developed the new LOVO AI Voice Marketplace to help meet this industry need.

“The traditional voice-over industry is archaic, and it’s mindblowing how they have weathered the winds of change for so long,” said Tom Lee, cofounder of LOVO. “With our AI marketplace for voice-overs, we are reinventing an outdated industry to help voice actors prosper. They can literally make money while they sleep. We are also helping organizations of all sizes access the talent and voice content they need for the huge scope of projects--from industry videos to ads, animation, podcasts and more--that exist today.”

Since LOVO’s AI voice platform launched one year ago, 40,000+ users across 41 countries have created more than 3 million pieces of voice content on the platform. LOVO has Fortune 500 companies, YouTubers, podcasters, educators and call centers among others making every kind of audio content imaginable, including marketing videos, e-learning, corporate learning and development materials, on-hold messaging, game and movie productions, and AR/VR apps among others.

“With our innovative technology and marketplace, AI is helping get your voice to a bigger audience beyond physical, temporal and spatial limitations. AI doesn’t have to sleep so it can work on hundreds of projects simultaneously. AI can do the grunt work while you focus on what you do best,” explained Lee.

One LOVO Marketplace user who goes by the Voice Skin name of Richard Hall on LOVO Studio to protect his identity, has found that AI voice-overs have made him some decent revenue over the past few months. “Richard” originally did voice-overs on the weekends to earn some extra cash while he worked his day-job during the week. He placed his voice on traditional voice-over platforms, but found it difficult to secure gigs against other professional talents who purchased premium status that gave them higher visibility. Using the LOVO Marketplace during its first beta earlier this year “Richard” was able to passively earn enough money "to chill by the beach in the Bahamas for a couple weeks when COVID settles down," all without paying for additional visibility.

How the LOVO AI Marketplace Works:
  • Go to https://www.lovo.ai/voice-marketplace
  • Submit your contact information and voice sample
  • You will be sent a short 15-minute script to read
  • Send LOVO the recording, and upon approval your AI voice will become available for users to utilize via LOVO Studio & API
  • You will receive 50% share of the revenue generated from LOVO users using your voice
For more information, visit lovo.ai/voice-marketplace.

About LOVO

LOVO, Inc. is a next-gen synthetic speech platform for education, marketing, entertainment, and overall audio content production. The company was founded by a team of AI and machine learning experts from U.C. Berkeley. The company has more than 40,000 users in 41 countries accessing the platform, creating 3 million pieces of voice content to date. As an alum of Berkeley SkyDeck accelerator, the company has working partnerships with Google, Intel, NVIDIA, AWS, and LG CNS. For more information, visit LOVO.ai.


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