A new type of personal Backpack helicopter-kind device has been shown off on a Youtube video, and it’s called the CopterPack. It’s an an electric backpack helicopter that a person wears with a pair of enclosed rotors similar to a quadcopter drone. 

CopterPack is the creation of an Australian startup by the same name, and it has released a video showing a pilot flying around using its system.

The official website doesn't provide much information and all it says is -- 
CopterPack is an electric backpack helicopter with a self-levelling autopilot. The lightweight airframe is constructed from carbon fiber honeycomb.
It is unclear when this strange device could be commercially viable in the future. 

CopterPack Joystick

The flying device however has serious security issues or perhaps the company has not made on final version of the product (as the video description says that its a "first flight of CopterPack") -- reason why the company website has very little information as no technical specification is there. We still don’t know how far CopterPack can fly, what its battery capacity, maximum weight it can lift etc.

As apparent in the video (released on 27 May), the CopterPack's rotors are enclosed on the circumference but NOT covered from the top and underneath, exposing the pilot’s arms directly inside the whirling blades. There are no complicated flight controls; the rotors move back-and-forth on a central axle.

Nevertheless the video showing a pilot effortlessly taking to the skies on a beach, twisting and turning over a body of water makes the backpack flying device a possible future of personal flights !


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