Italian automobile manufacturer Fiat is the latest automaker to announce a move entirely to electric vehicles (EV) by 2030. The company plans to phase out combustion engine vehicles starting in 2025.

Fiat CEO Olivier François said --
It is our duty to bring to market electric cars that cost no more than those with an internal combustion engine, as soon as we can, in line with the falling costs of batteriesWe are exploring the territory of sustainable mobility for all: this is our greatest project. Between 2025 and 2030, our product line-up will gradually become electric-only. This will be a radical change for Fiat.

Fiat has just released an electric version of its 500 city car in some regions. At least for the time being, the standard 500 will still be available as well. As Autocar notes, Fiat wants to help improve access to EVs, charging infrastructure and air quality.

"The decision to launch the New 500 — electric and electric alone — was actually taken before COVID-19," François said in a discussion with architect Stefano Boeri. "Even then, we were already aware that the world could not take any more ‘compromises.’"

Several auto brands are planning to go all-electric in the next decade or are at least rumored to be doing so. Mini, Volvo and Ford (at least in Europe) are looking to make the switch by 2030. Honda has set 2040 as its timeline for making the shift.

Recently, Korean vehicle manufacturer Hyundai Motor also confirmed that it will reduce manufacturing of petrol and diesel cars by 50%  and wants to save its funds, resources to invest more in electric vehicles.

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