What is cell phone forensics?

We can define cell phone forensics as a form of e-data gathering meant for legal evidence purposes. A cell phone forensics software is an extremely helpful tool for investigators to gather crucial evidence in a digital form which is often difficult to delete.

Some of the data that can be retrieved includes taped conversations, pictures, videos, call records, messages, phone number lists, and much more.

Now that you know about mobile phone forensics, let’s find out about its importance or benefits:
  • Can help track victims

    When there is a kidnapping case, every second plays a crucial role. With passing time, the victim gets in more danger. But, with the help of mobile phone forensics, police can use the GPS information available on the phone will help in tracking the culprit and the victim much faster.

    In case of a runaway situation, the runaway location can be easily tracked with these tools. They can really help turn the tide.

  • Save crucial time

    Getting evidence as soon as possible during an investigation plays a crucial role in the outcome. Mobile phone forensics helps in extracting sensitive data regarding the culprit or victim to lead the investigation in a better manner. Moreover, if you use cell phone forensics software to extract the data, a lot of time can be saved.

    Trained personnel can quickly evaluate which file and artifacts can be helpful in the case and hand it over to the concerned authorities.
  • Cell phone images are powerful

    The images present in one’s gallery are sometimes enough to paint the entire picture and figure out things. They act as an extremely powerful source of evidence that can turn the case upside down.

    When combined with video evidence, the investigating bodies can identify the underlying facts behind the crime. The majority of the people click pictures of their everyday events either to post on social media or just to click it.

  • Web history

    A person’s web history tells a lot about what is going in his or her mind recently. Accessing the web history of culprits can help the investigating officers estimate the recent mindset of the person and his action plan (in some cases).

    The mobile phone forensics process also helps in getting information about recent online transactions and social sites’ activities.

  • Difficult to tamper

    The evidence collected through mobile forensics is difficult to tamper or delete. The investing team can create as many copies as they want to ensure that the evidence is not lost anywhere.

Wrapping up

Mobile phone forensics is an important aspect of the investigation and often comes in handy when dealing with complex cases. The data retrieved from the digital devices often have sensitive facts that help turn the direction of the investigation. These may include conversations, text messages, calls, recordings, videos, images, and much more.

The cell phone forensics process is time-consuming and for obvious reasons. But with the help of mobile forensics software, a lot of time and effort can be saved.

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