There has been a lot of increase in cyber fraud across the country. Many incidents of data leaks have now raised questions on the privacy of users. Recently, there was a leak of data from the grocery platform BigBasket. This leak can also affect the customers of Flipkart. Transactions can be done from their Flipkart account without their permission.

According to, cyber ​​expert Rajashekhar Rajaharia has expressed concern about this. According him, cyber criminals are selling customers' email addresses and passwords through data leaks from BigBasket.

These email-passwords are also matching with the accounts of e-commerce firm Flipkart and Amazon. However, he said that when the Amazon account is logged into another browser, then it sends OTP to the users. Login occurs only after inserting OTP.

Rajashekhar Rajaharia has appealed to Flipkart users to change the password. He said that some people are selling Bigbasket Email-Password combination like Flipkart data. He also said that Flipkart should focus on securing the accounts of its users.

One can easily login to Flipkart using VPN / TOR or with the combination of email and password. For this, users must require 2FA (two-factor authentication). According to Rajaharia, account details are also being sold on Telegram.

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