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At moment, employee training, technician training, remote technician support and assistance are very boring and not scalable. It requires expensive simulators, among other hinderance,. and within this scenario problems faced by companies/organizations in their employee training, learning & development functions. Existing simulators used by large organizations be it armed forces or be it big companies are very expensive, bulky, not scalable and only limited trainees can get trained on it.

Bangalore-based InfiVR Technologies is building Virtual Reality (VR) based training solutions which solve this problem making it a lot more immersive, interesting, and affordable with ease of scaling. With the latest Augmented Reality (AR) / VR technology InfiVR is solving this problem and taking it to a new level.

InfiVR helps companies and organizations provide immersive and affordable virtual reality-based training solutions. The deeptech AR/VR startup is working with few of the leading fortune 500 companies in India and globally, and is also working with armed forces and prominent defense equipment manufacturing, aerospace companies in India, North America and Middle East.

It was when InfiVR founders -- Atish Patel and Rohal Chandrakar -- heard their friends in defense and aerospace industries criticizing obsolete technologies in simulation, training, and manufacturing processes. Alternatives available to these industries were either inadequate or prohibitively expensive and that's where InfiVR founder duo saw an opening to an opportunity.

Atish and Rohal thus then co-founded InfiVR in 2018 to provide the aerospace, defense, and manufacturing industries with cutting-edge AR/VR technology that meets or exceeds Western expectations while remaining cost-effective.

InfiVR's Defence AVR Solution

InfiVR provides high tech VR/AR training and simulation technology to Indian armed forces which were not accessible before to Indian armed forces due to very high cost. InfiVR is a unique startup to provide such cutting edge AR/VR mission critical tech to Indian armed forces.

Within a short span of 2.5 years InfiVR claims to have worked with organizations like Air Force, Navy, Army and ISRO and the young startup is now exporting and providing these tech to leading defense organizations in the US, Middle East and other friendly partner nations.

Despite being bootstrapped, InfiVR boasts to have brought down the training and infra cost of client companies by more than 65% and have helped improve overall average KPIs of training for employee by more than 76% besides increasing the trainee engagement and retention by more than 116%.

As an advice to young and future entrepreneurs, the InfiVR founders say --
Don’t aim to build a unicorn business, an entrepreneur is one who utilizes resources available to create some value and wealth. Start with aim to create value and business around it, rest things will automatically follow. There are many companies which are small which build life saving technologies and products but are not as big as e-commerce giants or home delivery businesses. What they are building is useful and critical in their own way. So aim should be to create value & wealth through some good product or service rest things will automatically follow.

Though just a 3-year old start-up, InfiVR team is into the AR/VR business for more than a decade as before establishing InfiVR, Atish and Rohal had earlier co-founded a profitable VR startup '' [Out of Box Interactions], which was acquired by Newscorp-backed India’s top real estate portal. Atish claims that helped crack more than 300 top real estate developers across India.

InfiVR's AVR/Simulation Training Solution for Oil & Gas Industry

The global virtual reality market size was valued at USD 15.81 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.0% from 2021 to 2028. Moreover, post COVID-19 outbreak, VR technology has experienced a surge in demand due to the necessity of companies to continue their business operations remotely/virtually during this pandemic.

Bootstrapped but backed by partners/mentors with more than 30 years of experience InfiVR counts industry veterans as the startup's mentors including -- Mr. Pratyush Prasanna, a former Vice President at Paytm and founder of Plustxt, a privacy enabled text messaging system in 7 Indian languages, acquired by One97/Paytm; Mr. Puneet, an industry veteran with nearly 20 years of experience in global technology and digital consulting services and CTO for GlobalLogic.

In scale-up mode, InfiVR is now seeing 5X growth as post COVID-19 the startup has seen around 12X increase in traction received for AR/VR based training, simulations, and remote assistance solutions. Post COVID scenario has drastically changed, many organizations who were considering Virtual reality & Augmented reality technologies for R&D purposes only have now realized its power. They now want to include these technologies as their part of their mainstream processes.

In a Tips for Entrepreneurs, InfiVR founders suggest --
Don't do a startup with an aim of raising funds and then growing, funding is rare and doesn't ensure success. Try to think beyond funding, there are several other ways of running and scaling your business. Funding is something which your business would naturally ask for and that would be the most suitable time to get funded. When you are starting, always have plan B apart from funding.

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