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The 10 Wellness Coaches to watch
The 10 Wellness Coaches to watch

New York, New York, April 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- There is no doubt that wellness is paramount to living a healthy & happy life. However, we all know how life can distract us from taking care of ourselves to the level that we deserve. According to Boost Media Agency, a wellness coach is an amazing way to empower yourself to achieve your physical and emotional goals, and ultimately live your best life. Each with their own unique coaching style, here are 10 wellness coaches to watch in 2021. 

Erin Treloar (@RawBeautyTalks)

Erin Treloar is a celebrity health and wellness coach, the Founder of Raw Beauty Co., and a proud mother of two. She’s on a mission to help women stuck in the debilitating cycle of dieting and overeating, create a healthy relationship with food and their body. Erin struggled with an eating disorder in her teens, so she deeply understands how important it is to talk about topics like body image, diet culture, and mental health. 

In 2014, she launched Raw Beauty Talks as an interview series that featured over 200 women just as they are; no make up, editing or filters. It quickly sparked global conversation around the complicated relationship women have with their bodies and food. These candid discussions inspired her to complete her health coaching certification so she could be armed with the tools to support other women and help them tap into the kind of wellness that goes far and deep. 

She now offers a 12-week coaching program through Raw Beauty Co., called the Raw Beauty Reset. This program is designed to help people transform their relationship with food and their bodies. The approach is based on four pillars, which are nourishment, movement, mindset, and self-love. The program walks people through the fundamentals of wellness so they can get to know their unique bodies, learn to adopt intuitive eating, build a more empowering mindset, and create healthy habits. 

Nicole Guena (@the.detox.diaries)

Nicole Guena is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and the creator of The Detox Diaries, where she helps busy women detox their bodies and take control of their health. She is no stranger to weight gain, brain fog, low energy, and premature signs of aging because these are all things she has personally struggled with. Through her struggles, she gained a deep understanding of how toxicity was at the root of all those issues.

Toxins are present everywhere; in our food, our products, the water we drink, and even the air we breathe. It’s not possible to avoid them completely but we can learn to expose ourselves to them as little as possible and promote our body’s natural detoxification systems. Nicole teaches her clients the key to detoxing, which is balancing things that are toxic with healthier alternatives.

The Detox Diaries provides a holistic and balanced approach to health that addresses every aspect of life. Nicole personalizes her programs and allows her clients the freedom to find a detox balance that is sustainable and effective. She teaches people to decode ingredient labels, analyze the safety of their products, create new habits, manage stress, and prepare fast, easy, delicious meals. Nicole doesn’t only focus on the actions required to create better health, but also on the limiting beliefs that often hold people back.

Felicia Soria (@feliciasoriawellnesscoach)

Felicia Soria is a Women’s Health Coach based in Melbourne, Australia, but she also reaches people online. She became obsessed with coaching after she participated in her first body-building competition and seeing what the human body can do, so she decided to become a wellness coach. She completed her Cert 3 & 4 in Fitness, but she didn’t feel like that would be enough to help her coach women through life’s many challenges. 

She wanted to go above and beyond, so Felicia got a Bachelor in Sports Science. Though studying for a degree is not everything, it did give her the confidence she needed to coach people through the many different stages and issues they face in life. Felicia is so passionate about what she does that she spends her spare time mentoring, completing courses, and reading so she can improve her skills. 

Felicia is obsessed with the human body and she has focused greatly on women’s health and hormones. She uses all her knowledge and her passion to educate and empower women so they can be the strongest version of themselves. She lives for the moment where she gets to see her clients finally come out of their shells and grow into their own power. No challenge is too difficult for her to navigate and she cares deeply about each of her clients, so she provides all the support they need. 

Adrienne Potter (@adriennepcoach)

Adrienne Potter is a Solution Focused HypnoCoach with a passion and a love for health and wellness. Before she retrained as a Hypnotherapist and a Coach, she spent 15 years working as a Sports Therapist, which is what provided her with the experience and the foundations for the work she does today. 

She has faced two cancer diagnoses; the first one took her down a clinical path and the second one took her down a holistic path. Within 4 months, she went from Stage 4 secondary breast cancer to cancer-free, and she genuinely believes that her mindset helped her body heal. Adrienne believes people are what they think, so she’s here to help them create positive change by recognizing the imbalance and help them restore it. 

In her work as a HypnoCoach, she uses more than one set of tools, which is what allows her to help clients achieve more compelling results and breakthroughs than other coaches out there. Adrienne’s background is based on personal life experiences rather than corporate experience, so she’s able to provide the level of empathy and understanding people need when they decide to work with her and improve their lives forever, making her services incredibly valuable. 

Meghan Hedley (@meghanehedley)

Meghan Hedley is a multi-passionate professional visual artist, a legacy income mentor, and a successful entrepreneur who’s living her dream life on a horse rescue ranch in the high desert of New Mexico. She’s also the founder of Red Earth Wellness, a holistic transformational coaching business. She spent 14 years all over the world researching mind-body health, art, creative healing approaches, Craniosacral Therapy, and Chinese Medicine modalities such as facial diagnosis, acupuncture, and herbs.

She became a wellness coach when she saw it as a vehicle to combine her passions in a unique way- her mission to merge creativity and healing can be pointed back to her  discovery of art therapy at 15 years old. Meghan studied art and philosophy in college and grad school, yet the desire to enter the field of healing continued to be a common thread in all of her work.

Meghan’s approach to wellness coaching focuses on the patterns of the natural world as guidance. She works with multi-passionate women such as herself toward aligning their mind, body, and spirit, tuning into their inner wisdom, and shifting their mindset to reach their highest potential. She uses the knowledge she gained through her own healing experiences and research to guide her clients into their unique inner landscapes, learning to trust themselves, believe in their dreams, and achieve optimized health!

Chrisna Ravyse (@lehchaim)

Dr. Chrisna Ravyse is a seasoned academic researcher, educator, and professional speaker as well as podcast host. Her clients know her as Dr. Chris and she’s a nationally recognized expert in the multi-billion dollar wellness industry. She’s a wellness authority and she serves the corporate and association markets by delivering focused strategies that are clear and direct so they can enjoy sustainable impact. 

Chrisna earned a Ph.D. in Human Movement Science and she’s written multiple research publications in the fields of nutrition, health education, and physical activity. She’s also the founder of The African Sport Leadership Program and the CEO of LehChaim Health. Her health, wellness, and coaching organization provides clients with revolutionary strategies that empower them to achieve optimum health performance. 

She has coached over 1,000 individuals and taught over 2000 students in the past two decades. Chrisna has worked with corporate clients to help them achieve maximum wellness results and higher productivity and she continues to research behavior change to support her global health education initiatives. She has become one of the most requested leadership speakers and she has crafted an incredible reputation working with top companies and high-profile celebrities who trust her experience and unmatched track record. 

Alexandra Whitesell (@alexandrawhitesell)

Alexandra Whitesell is a wellness coach who’s focused on helping everyday professionals, without stringent rules, find the joy in everyday wellness. She understands from personal experience what it’s like to be frustrated by cycles, rules, and diets. But she finally recognized a flexible nutrition and wellness method that worked for her and she now shares it with people who are experiencing that frustration and want to make big changes. 

Her approach to wellness is down-to-earth, rational, and authentic, which is what makes it so valuable and effective. She is certified through Precision Nutrition, which is home of the world’s top nutrition coaches, and is passionate about helping her coaches create habits and routines that will last a lifetime. 

Alexandra herself is a working professional in a corporate marketing role that she loves which allows her to understand the daily challenges her coaches encounter.   She guarantees dedicated attention and provides her coaches with tools to help them achieve their goals and gain results. 

Through custom 1:1 program offerings, Alexandra advocates and empowers coachees to live their best, authentic lives.

Traci Denise (@lo_okitsturtle)

Traci Denise is an entrepreneur and a certified strength and wellness coach. She also owns Turtle Fitness and Performance, a business she opened only three months after graduating from Rowan University with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Health Promotion and Wellness management. She found that her role in life is to change the dialogue about wellness through community, fitness, and workshops, which is something she’s passionate about. 

Through Turtle Fitness and Performance, Traci services clients through a virtual studio that provides live and pre recorded classes for fitness as well as live health coaching sessions. She meets people where they are and the Turtle Systems allows them to make gradual changes so they can meet their health and wellness goals. Habits are not easy to break or build, so she has made sure to create programs that are authentic and sustainable to client's lifestyles.

Turtle Fitness provides clients with a like-minded community, accountability, fitness, and education. They help clients improve their self-efficacy so they can have a better quality of life through a holistic approach that addresses all the dimensions of wellness. The goal is to support clients as a whole instead of focusing only on certain parts of their life.

Georgia Rex (@georgiarex.coaching)

Georgia Rex is a confidence and wellness coach for women who crave freedom and want to create their dream businesses while becoming the happiest and healthiest version of themselves. She has dedicated the last 7 years of her life to her own personal development and wellness journey. In that time, she trained as a yoga teacher in India, completed numerous courses, worked on some of the biggest world travelling superyachts, and created two successful businesses, so she has learned a lot through lived experience. 

Now, she is launching her 4 week program called GLOW and it’s meant to help other women rediscover their inner glow. The program will be available in May along with her one-on-one coaching program which will be available in the coming months. Her approach combines confidence coaching with health and wellness, so she doesn’t only focus on one aspect like many other wellness coaches do. 

Georgia teaches women to listen to their bodies so they can understand what they want, why they want it & what their body is telling them. She also teaches that health is not just about diet and exercise. It’s also about healthy relationships, a successful and fulfilling career, spirituality, and much more. Through her amazing methods, Georgia helps women understand themselves a lot better and provide the tools they need to become their very best selves.

Judy Butler (@nutrition.junkie

Judy Butler is a certified clinical nutritionist and health coach who has over 4 years of clinical experience working with board-certified medical practitioners within a Functional Medicine realm designed to help the patient navigate the root cause of their inflammatory disease rather than just treating the symptoms. She works with clients and focuses on providing bio-individualizing treatment plans as well as cocreating small sustainable goals that will help them improve their health. 

She’s passionate about helping people have a healthier lifestyle to achieve overall wellness. Judy helps her patients understand their food sensitivities and environmental triggers so they can heal with the help of true nourishment and allow their cells to function at their optimal level. Her focus is on metabolic functions of the body, not just typical healing gut protocols. She emphasizes a restorative approach and firmly believes there is not a 'one size fits all' protocol and treatment will vary from person to person based on their age, their constitution, and environment. 

Judy is the founder of Nutrition Junkie, a place where people can come and learn about optimal health and how to achieve it. They will learn to improve their metabolism, heal their gut, and balance their hormones, all with the help of evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle changes. There are no restrictive diets here, only a better understanding of one’s body and the necessary tools to make long-lasting changes.

Make sure to follow each of these amazing wellness coaches.  Each of their Instagram's have been directly linked here. Finally, we would like to thank Boost Media Agency for taking the time to put this article together. This article is Boost Media Agency’s selection of the 10 people to watch.  Disclaimer: The information written in this piece was sought from the individuals, and to the best of Boost Media Agency’s knowledge, the representation of these entrepreneurs is accurate.

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