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The Woman’s Company

The Woman’s Company is exactly that - By women - For women. The Woman’s Company understands a woman; only as a woman can. They endeavor to create and provide women of today with tailor made intimate wellness and hygiene products; customized for and embracing the changing phases of their bodies; while being mindful of the depleting environment.

Today's woman is imposed with a fast paced life playing multiple roles and is required to adapt herself to the environment that surrounds her. The Woman's Company aims to reach out to every woman out there and build spaces to cater to her wellness and hygiene. Their products are environmental friendly and biodegradable for the conscious woman of today who is well travelled, wants a better future for her kids and is concerned about the general wellbeing of the world and other women around her.

Ms. Anika Parashar (Director, Founder & CEO – The Woman’s Company) had a vision of changing the perspective of consumers towards biodegradable and eco-friendly products. “Around 121 million women dispose around eight sanitary napkins per menstrual cycle, resulting in approximately 12.3 billion disposable pads adding to the landfills annually. TWC has an array of products especially curated for women of all ages, keeping in mind all possible concerns associated with their hygiene and environment,” said Ms. Parashar.

Ms. Roopam Gupta (Co- Founder & COO – The Woman’s Company) “Today, at one year in, we have reached out to 5000 women across 190 cities in India offering them biodegradable and eco friendly menstrual hygiene products. Our range of dioxin free products start with teenage pads to start young girls on their period journey positively to day pads, all night pads for adults, carboard applicator tampons,  bamboo razors and medical grade menstrual cups.” said Ms. Gupta.


TWC has an array of products especially curated for women of all ages, keeping in mind all the possible concerns associated with women hygiene. The list of our offering is as under:
  1. Biodegradable sanitary napkins in different sizes, certified by gynecologists for being dioxin free; made of the softest cotton and created keeping in mind the different requirements during a cycle. We have a unique teenage pad; which is the thinnest and softest pad sold in this country, customized to fit young girls who need to start their menstruation journey on a positive note.
  2. The Woman Stick is a specifically customized urination device manufactured in India to help every woman stand and pee! Avoiding sitting or hovering over a toiler, helps avoid the risks of  UTI’s, cervical cancer and other forms of infection.
  3. Organic Tampons with and without cardboard applicators which are biodegradable, made of the softest organic cotton and created with specialized care and attention to detail.
  4. Medical grade silicone menstrual cups – which come in two sizes to fit different shapes and flow!
  5. Biodegradable wooden razors with smooth, disposable blades to enable a close and easy hair removal process.

Director, Founder and CEO, Ms. Anika Parashar along with Co- Founder, COO Ms. Roopam Gupta launched The Woman’s Company on the 8th of March 2020, to cater to every woman’s need for better health and to leave behind a healthier planet for generations for come.  Ms. Parashar, also titled as “The Pride of India” for creating innovative brands in women care and health for 20 years, a TEDx speaker and featured in the book of India’s 50 Women Wonders, is also the founder chairperson of ORGAN India, an NGO providing information, awareness and support on organ donation and transplant. In her vast experience, she has held several responsible positions like the COO for Fortis La Femme, Founder Mamma Mia and Business Head, Mom & Me, Mahindra Retail.

Ms. Roopam Gupta also brings along with her more than a decade of experience in brand building and management having worked with International brands Marks and Spencer, Bata India Limited followed by Fortis La Femme.

TWC products are available across pharmacies, hospitals, online aggregators and its own website  

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