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Short video apps are here to stay and they will wield considerable influence on what people eat, wear, having fun and shop. With most of the business going digital and viewers flooding to consume content and videos on the internet, influencers will play a key role in building brand awareness or engagement.

With that intro, so how can one become an influencer? How and where it needs to be started? If a person used Instagram, YouTube Channel or YouSay they might already know something about it, and the next conundrum is how can they increase followers and reach?

One important thing to note is if people are here to grow their fame & money quickly, this may not be the right fit. Becoming a popular influencer requires a lot of patience, perseverance, skill, dedication and keeping abreast with the latest trends, memes, etc.  And not to mention the creativity, acting, music and editing skills which helps to create captivating videos. 

So how can someone gain these skills, one is by experience DIY and another way is learn from those who have done this before. KTree YouSay Short video app is giving an incredible opportunity to join a workshop in which celebrated Influencers will teach how to create captivating videos. Learn from basic to intermediate topics on how to captivate the users on short video platforms and be a popular social media influencer. Please note this workshop is free for YouSay creators who have added a minimum of three original videos in YouSay platform which are not lip-syncing, for others a nominal cost of Rs. 1999 will be charged. There are limited seats and a great rush for this workshop so block the seat immediately. For any questions on the workshop send a message via

The online workshop which is scheduled for May 2022 covers the following.
  • Fundamentals of Instagram, YouTube, YouSay Social media platforms
  • Learn how to create viral Videos
  • How to shoot Short Videos
    • Script or Content
    • Be Original and respect copyrights
    • Actors & acting
    • Lighting
    • Camera
    • Editing
  • Posting & Marketing on the Video platforms
  • Learn How To Grow Community
  • Make Money Easily As an Influencer
Apply Short video app workshop by filling this form Subscribe to our YouTube channel
YouSay short video app which is available on android Play store and developed by s/w development company KTree The app can be downloaded at Here are some interesting features of YouSay Short Video app.
  • Promote your Instagram or YouTube Account on Videos and Profile Page
  • Multi App Languages
  • Video uploading
  • Duet Option
  • Series option


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