Users can now create videos without lifting finger, through personal AI enabled tool built right inside, the video editing and creation platform has introduced the world’s first voice assistant video editor, an artificial intelligence (AI) based video editing feature through the platform’s inbuilt assistant - IVA (Intelligent Video Assistant). The latest addition will allow InVideo users to now edit video through voice commands.

Commenting at the launch, the CEO of InVideo, Sanket Shah said, “We are excited to introduce a feature that will change the way our users edit their video on InVideo. It’s a one-of-a-kind AI video maker that will operate on the voice command, thus making video editing possible without lifting a finger."

With the help of the voice assistant video editor, users can now easily create, edit, add music, define speed, suggest most relevant templates, and create many such voice commands, thus proving to be their best partner in video editing. For instance, users can just tell IVA to suggest the best audio for their created video with a simple voice command such as, “Hey IVA, find me the best audio track for this promo video”, and their work is done.

The latest addition takes the user experience a step forward, with a memory feature. Users can now have their favourite fonts, alignment styles, font colours and all other preferences saved in IVA’s memory, by just telling her once. “This is the way forward; welcome to the future of video editing.” Sanket added.

IVA’s skilled machine-learning algorithms and neural networking helps her generate better experience for her users. IVA's intelligence consists of 2Mn+ plus user data on video creation that includes more than 10 million use cases, 10 thousand font style choices, 10 platform preferences, proficiency calculations, targets compiling into thousands of lines of code that are constantly updating with every action of her users, to make their experience smoother and faster than ever.

Get on the waitlist for early access to the feature at is the world's first watermark-free video editor that makes video creation easy, quick, and flexible online. The platform helps create professional and creative videos while cutting across barriers such as a user's geographical location, language, type of device they use, and even their internet speed. The application helps create and edit videos online with zero barriers.

InVideo’s vision reflects in the generous pricing plans and in the easy-to-use product with 4000+ video templates and 8mil+ strong media library, that includes the world's best stock footage online, like iStock.

About InVideo:
InVideo raised a $15 million Series A from Sequoia Capital India. Tiger Global, Hummingbird, RTP Global and Base also participated in the round that was closed in October 2020.
Furthermore, InVideo is the only company in India, today, with users from as many countries in the world (195+). The company is truly spearheading the growth of prosumer SaaS in India.

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