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YouTube is the most popular video sharing network on the planet. It allows ordinary people called creators to publish videos to a worldwide audience. Once the video goes viral, the creator benefits by gaining popularity. Many people have become popular, and made lots of money through YouTube. Some have even become an internet celebrity.
However, before that happens, creators need to first amass a reasonable number of follower-like community called subscribers. The success of any YouTube channel is determined by how many people have subscribed to it - that is, the higher the number of subscribers on a channel, the greater the chances of success.
That said, getting YouTube subscribers is no easy task. It takes a lot of hard work, time, and strategies. As expected, YouTube creators want to know these tricks and strategies for gaining more subscribers. Luckily for them, this article has such strategies aplenty.

Below are the seven best ways to increase YouTube subscribers.
1) Buy YouTube Subscribers
The simplest and easiest way to increase YouTube subscribers is to buy YouTube subscribers. When a Creator makes a new YouTube channel, it starts with zero subscribers. To get subscribers to the channel, creator has to upload videos and draw traffic (viewers) naturally.
Honestly speaking, this is no easy task.
Oftentimes, most YouTube channel creators have to wait for months or even years before getting a decent number of subscribers.
But for a creator who doesn't want to wait this long, there's an easier route, which is to buy subscribers.
Someone might ask: "how does buying YouTube subscribers help me get more subscribers?"
Well, here is how it works.
When a creator buys subscribers, it will be shown on their YouTube engagement dashboard that they have lots of existing subscribers, which is a way to prove that viewers on Instagram already love them. When random viewers see this, they'll be wooed into believing that the channel has something of value to offer as well, leading to more organic subscribers.
Finally, since there are vendors who sell fake YouTube subscribers, creators are often advised to buy subscribers from vendors who sell real YouTube subscribers.

This is essential because fake YouTube subscribers disappear after a while, leading to a decrease in the subscriber count of a channel.
2) Ask Viewers to Subscribe
It is not uncommon to see creators asking viewers directly to subscribe to their channel. After creating a useful and compelling video, the creator adds a section in the video asking viewers to kindly “click the subscribe button below” or something similar.
Naturally, YouTube viewers know about the "subscribe" feature. And they know it helps them keep in touch with the content of a channel. But sometimes they forget to hit the subscribe button. As such, they just exit a channel once they're done watching its videos. By asking viewers directly to hit the "subscribe button," creators ensure that their audience never forgets to do the needful.
However, before expecting viewers to subscribe to a channel, a creator has to ensure that their content is enjoyable, engaging, and come-back-worthy. This is the only way viewers will be encouraged to come back for more, and the only reason why viewers will want to subscribe to a channel.
3) Add a Subscribe Button Watermark
YouTube allows content creators to add a small watermark to all their videos. It is a feature that many content creators don’t even realize exists on the platform.
To find the watermark feature, channel owners can go to the admin settings of their channel.
YouTube lets creators upload a small icon to serve as the watermark for all their videos. It will appear in the lower right-hand corner of each video. When someone clicks on the watermark, they will see the red subscribe button. All they need to do is click or tap on the button, and they will be subscribed to the channel.
It is best to use a watermark that looks like the YouTube subscribe button. This way, viewers can have one more place to see the subscribe button, so they are more likely to click on it. 
4) Make Videos Between 10 and 30 Minutes
Here is where a lot of content creators mess up. They’ll make shorter videos less than 10 minutes long and wonder why no one watches them. Well, the simple truth is that the YouTube algorithm favors videos longer than 10 minutes. If a creator wants to compete with other creators in their niche, and also gain lots of views, it's recommended to create long-form videos.
Since it is more common for content creators to upload several shorter videos, YouTube doesn’t want to feature all of them. The system figures that longer videos had more time and thought put into them. That is why they get featured more often than shorter videos. But don’t make the videos too long, though.
The general SEO rule is to make videos between 10 and 30 minutes. Because videos that go beyond the 30 minutes’ mark tends to lose traction in the YouTube search engine.
A good content creator will keep their videos under 30 minutes. Not only will this help their search rank, but it will ensure that more people see all of their content from beginning to end.
5) Share Videos on Other Social Media Channels
Creators cannot rely on YouTube traffic alone to make viewers discover their videos. More needs to be done on the part of a creator to expose the content on their channel.

A good place to further increase the exposure of a channel is social media.

When a video is created and ready-to-go, creators can always share them on all their social media channels. This will send in traffic from friends, family members and acquaintances. Not to mention these people may even share your videos with other friends and family members too.
YouTube makes it easy to share videos. Go to the video page and click the “Share” button. Over there are a list of social media channels for sharing purposes. The choices include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr. Alternatively, creators can copy the URL address of the YouTube video and manually post it on their social media channels.
Most of these networks can embed videos into posts automatically. So, copying video URLs, and converting them into actual videos is never a problem.

6) Buy YouTube Views
This post started with a mention of buying YouTube subscribers. But in addition to that, channel creators can also buy YouTube views as well. That is, bring artificial viewers to come watch their videos.
Sometimes it is better to do this than to buy YouTube subscribers, especially if the creator doesn’t want to have too many purchased subscribers.
The benefit of buying YouTube views is that it gives more people the chance to discover the videos of a channel, and then decide on their own whether they’d like to subscribe or not. Also, since it is cheaper to purchase views, creators could wind up with more subscribers in the end. It all depends on whether the viewers enjoyed the videos or not.
Someone might ask, "how does buying YouTube views translate to more subscribers?"
Buying views potentially gives videos a better rank on the YouTube search engine. The algorithm responds kindly to videos with lots of views. Once YouTube spots that a video gets enough views, they reward the creator with better rankings. Once a creator and their video ranks high in the algorithm, they start to see an influx of new viewers to their videos and channel.
If the content of the channel is indeed enjoyable, these new viewers will likely subscribe to the channel.
7) Enter a Good Channel Description and Tags
YouTube gives creators some free SEO tools to help rank videos better. Creators have the opportunity to enter a description and add tags to each of their videos upload.

YouTube expects that the description and tags should relate to the topic of the video content. The YouTube algorithm is very clever in detecting their relevancy. If they are found not to be relevant, YouTube sends the creator a warning strike.
To add keywords into video description, video creators can use the same words or terms used for the tags. In case the creator doesn't have an idea of the right keywords to use, they can research popular keywords by using a professional YouTube Keyword tool.
Final Words
Earning the first 1,000 subscribers will be the most difficult challenge as a content creator. But as the first 1000 rolls in, it will be less challenging to find new subscribers.
Once a high number of subscribers rolls in, those ones become the conduit for attracting more subscribers, because they will share the channel videos with their friends and acquaintances, and practically do all the marketing for the channel.


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