• The new product is aimed at cyclists from the emerging new community who like bicycle bikes for entertainment , fun and adventure.
  • F6i available in fashionable and bright colors . It was a much awaited product as it was showcased at the Auto Expo - The Motor Show 2020. 
  • This high-end e-cycle comes with long-range battery for great ride and comes with a Bluetooth device as well as a USB charging port and a detachable battery to enable smart connectivity. 

Leading E Cycles brand Hero Lectro today unveiled a game-changing new addition to its growing portfolio of E cycles in India, with the launch of F6i, a new generation dynamic and smart product targeted at the growing community of recreation bicyclists in the country.

A hi-end futuristic product, F6i comes with cutting edge design and technology innovation and promises to redefine the experience of cycling, particularly in the post COVID world when cycling is emerging as a preferred choice for fitness and recreation purposes as well as for commuting.

The bike is equipped with an agile frame and a detachable battery that allows unhindered commute for up to 60 km in one go. The availability of vibrant trendy colours and swanky design is set to appeal to the growing young breed of bicycle lovers.

The product had grabbed a lot of eyeballs and created significant buzz at the Auto Expo: The Motor Show 2020, held in January where the latest engineering and technology marvels in commuting was displayed.

“F6i is a vibrant and glorious new addition to our ever-growing portfolio of Electric Cycles and is aimed at satiating the growing demand for premium E-Cycles in the Indian Market. It has been one of the most highly anticipated products ever since it made its debut at the Auto Expo earlier this year. We have introduced it at a critical time when the demand for hi-end biking categories has skyrocketed in recent months. F6i is a trailblazing product targeted at consumers who are raring to up their fun quotient along with having the latest in terms of technology,” said Mr. Aditya Munjal, CEO, Hero Lectro (A Division of Hero Cycles Ltd).

An increasing consciousness about the environment and health has given an impetus to the culture of cycling in recent years. Covid-19 has further augmented the trend and enabled E cycles to emerge as viable alternatives to fossil-fuel run motorized vehicles for short and medium distance travel. Biking is also growing as a popular recreational sport with the emergence of vibrant biking communities led by active and aggressive bicycle mayors in different cities. India’s ‘Cycle4Change’ campaign has in recent months also helped create a growing consensus towards the need for greater infrastructural support to cyclists.

Coming at this critical yet defining juncture in time, Hero Lectro’s new product is expected to create a niche for itself in the Indian market. The E-cycle comes with smart features including an iSmart App with BlueTooth connectivity and a USB port for charging. Powered by Lithium batteries and a rear hub motor, the 7-speed geared bike makes riding on rough and tricky terrains highly adaptable and smooth. While Kenda K Shield technology augments the life and quality of tyres, the Dual Disc Brakes make riding safer on tough terrains.

So, it is time to ‘Turn on the Fun’ with F6i, a definitive step towards new generation E Mobility.

About Hero Lectro 

Hero Lectro, the E cycle brand of Hero Cycles, has the widest e bicycles portfolio in India’s organized market, spanning 9 variants including products with and without gears. Keeping the different user profiles in mind, Hero Lectro provides solutions for both commuting and recreation and has introduced innovative design along with smart features in its E-Cycles. Riding a Hero Lectro is pretty much like riding a bike except there is no bulk, no unearthly fuel costs, and no carbon emissions.

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