We all know that smoking is injurious to health. It doesn't kill anyone at once but takes to the door of death slowly. Smoking creates serious health hazards, including Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Oropharyngeal Cancer, Aortic Aneurysm, Esophageal Cancer, and so on. When one becomes addicted to smoking, it really becomes difficult to quit. So today we are going to share 10 different ways that will help you to quit smoking.

1. Consider your diet

Studies have shown that people who regularly eat meat are more addicted to smoking and need to smoke after dinner. On the other hand, individuals who eat lots of fruits, vegetables lose their taste in smoking. So if you make a routine of considering only fruit or vegetables, you will be able to quit smoking.

2. Avoid Making Friendship with Smokers

It is highly recommended to avoid the company or making any relation with smokers. Because if you have a friend who is a chain smoker, then you can't help yourself to quit smoking. Especially when you go to a party, always keep a distance from the smokers and mix non-smoking persons.

3. Clean Your Surroundings

After smoking your last cigarette:
  1. Try to clean your surroundings properly.
  2. Throw all of your ashtrays and wash the dirt.
  3. Remove the smell with an air freshener that produces the bad smell of smoking. If you smoke in the car, wipe it out too.
As a result, it will help you to forget about smoking.

4. Love Your Health

All people know that smoking is harmful to health; even a smoker knows it as well. So you have to love your health and realize the harmful impacts of smoking. Smoking will severely damage your health and create unlimited disease in your body. While you deeply start understanding these factors, you shall definitely quit smoking.

5. Keep Your Hands and Mouth Busy

Another great way to quit smoking is to keep your hands and mouth always busy. That means when you constantly keep doing something with your hands and mouth, you will forget about smoking. For example, you can take lozenges, chewing gums, and use e-liquids to keep your hands and mouth busy. To know more about e-liquids, check here.

6. Regular Exercise

Researchers have proved that regular exercise can reduce the addiction to smoking and keep you mentally and physically fit. For instance, a light exercise, 5 minutes of walking or stretching your body, can keep you refreshed. So you will not need to smoke when you are feeling dull. That's why if you want to quit smoking, you must do regular exercise.

7. Drink More Water

People who are more likely to drink cola, alcohol, fizzy drinks, tea, and coffee seem addicted to smoking. Because these drinks items make cigarette tastes better. Scientists recommend drinking as much as water and pure juice to avoid the habit of smoking. This is how you can quit smoking within a short time.

8. Remain Confident in Life

Frustration is the main reason for smoking. Many people start smoking when they become disappointed in life. That's why you always have to be confident to achieve your target. There are ups and downs. But you shouldn't be depressed. Just keep faith in yourself and start again. Ultimately, you will come out as a successful person.

9. Spend Time with Family

Tell your family, friends, and beloved person that you want to quit smoking. They will be pleased with your decision and encourage you to leave this bad habit. Spend time with them, go to family holidays, and enjoy the beautiful moments of your life. Thus you will forget about smoking with the assistance of your family.

10. Make a Promise

Though it is tough to quit smoking instantly, you have to be determined by making a promise. It would help if you realized that smoking is injurious to health, and it will cause several dangerous diseases. So you have to set your mind and try your best not to smoke in future. Sometimes it won't be easy to maintain the promise, but you shouldn't give up. Just think positive, and you will be a gainer.


We have covered all the important self-help tips to quit smoking. Now it totally depends on you. If you follow the above tips properly, you shall get rid of the inferior consequences of smoking.

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