Moving image content, i.e. videos, is becoming more and more important and it is hard to imagine the daily activities of Internet users without them. Just a quick look at the news streets of various social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is enough to be confronted with a veritable flood of videos. With this mass of content and videos, it is not easy for the user to keep an overview or to stand out as a company.

One possibility as a company to draw the attention of users to yourself or your video is, among other things, the use of YouTube marketing. We have four YouTube marketing tips that will help you spread the video successfully.

Why do companies have a YouTube channel? What are the benefits of corporate videos? How to get more views and subscribers on YouTube?

Companies that operate a YouTube channel have different reasons for this:

Reach and train customers

With the help of YouTube videos, existing customers can be reached to inform them about product features or to recruit new products. Information on correct use can also be optimally transmitted in this way.

Image building and expertise

Many companies publish how-to videos for everyday problems. This can be general or specific to the niche of the company. In this way, companies try to be seen as experts on the market and to steer their image in this direction. Youtube marketing plays a particularly important role for this reason, as the right target group should be reached.

Building brand awareness and acquiring new customers

In general, YouTube videos can also be used to gain awareness in the target group. Either image or product videos can be created and distributed for this. Videos on the company's products in particular can attract new customers. If YouTube marketing is carried out for this reason, content distribution, i.e. the dissemination of video content, plays a particularly important role. The potential new customers are not yet connected to the company's social media channels.

Three tips for successful YouTube marketing


The content of the video should not be a boring list of empty marketing phrases, but rather offer the audience added value such as entertainment.


The content of the video should definitely fit the company or address the target group in a suitable way.

Title, description and tags

Not only the content is of great importance in YouTube marketing, attention should also be paid to the surrounding area. Videos should arouse interest with a good headline, provide further information in the description and be tagged on a topic-specific basis.


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