BANGALORE, India , Nov. 10, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- While most of the organizations around the world are barely scraping through a re-bound, a few of them are reportedly and evidently thriving. An attempt to dissect this polarity reveals how these highly resilient organizations function.

An e-commerce subsidiary of one of the world's largest retailers achieved a stark 30% growth (learn how) from last year during their 2020 discount week. Despite shrinking consumer spends and disrupted supply networks, the e-retailer managed to grab this growth by ramping up their delivery taskforce, with the help of Xoxoday Compass. Compass is a sales enablement SaaS product built with game mechanics, motivation science, and real-time incentives. While the others were grappling with delivery, the e-retailer had their entire delivery network hooked on a real-time, milestone-based, gamified performance program that improves their delivery efficiencies week-on-week, by 13%. |Explore Compass now |

Xoxoday has a suite of other products for rewards and incentives. Their employee reward and engagement product Empuls has its own share of success. The product has been instrumental in creating a conducive and enjoyable remote work environment where employees could connect and interact seamlessly. A mobile phone major, for instance, leveraged the communication and rewarding capabilities of Empuls to effectively engage their distributed teams over the global lockdown.  |Explore Empuls now |

Despite everything this year has offered - employees, customers, and channel sales continue to help firms weather the pandemic. Xoxoday's third product, Plum, helps digitize corporate rewards , readily integrates with popular enterprise software, and offers a redemption platform of 16000+ experience and gift card listings.

Even with uncertainties looming, Xoxoday can help organizations create meaningful touchpoints to win stakeholder buy-ins for the long haul.

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About Xoxoday:

Xoxoday offers business software products to solve problems around employee rewards and recognition, channel sales incentives, and consumer promotions. Their products are used by HR leaders, channel managers, and marketers across 700+ global companies to engage their employees, channel partners, and consumers. Xoxoday has over 500 clients across APAC, the US, and Australia . They were awarded the Best Tech-HR platform by People Matters, ranked 9th fastest growing tech company by Deloitte, and have also won India SME Award in 2018.

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