Hari Khemka - Chairman CP Plus

About the Book
Hari Khemka said, “Our Entry Into the Security Business Was Driven by Chance and a Very Strong Instinct for Survival by the Mid 2000s, Competition Had Skyrocketed in the Information Technology Peripherals Sector and Margins Had Dipped. After This Epiphany, We Knew We Had to Diversify, but in Which Sector? Our Quest Ended at the Security Sector.”

Genre: Business, Autobiography, Entrepreneurship
Format: Hardback
Price: INR 599
Page Extent: 256

The book entails the journey of Hari Khemka’s life and how he went on to become a serial entrepreneur with flagship brand in security and surveillance CP PLUS; with popular tagline “Uparwala sab dekh raha hai”; making surveillance a synonym with it.

Every entrepreneur’s story is different; each follows a unique path to success. Even so, Hari Khemka stands out, because of the expansive spectrum of his entrepreneurship. From textiles and paper to household goods, metals, steel, IT (hardware and software), real estate, sound technology, education and, finally, surveillance solutions, he has been there and done its best in the respective categories.

Born into a traditional Marwari family from Churu, Rajasthan and growing up in Chandni Chowk, Hari followed the established script—respect your elders, marry young, learn Mundi (the script exclusive to Marwari traders) and join the family business, but a split in the family business compelled the young lad, newly married and de facto head of the family, to step on an off-beaten path. Catapulted into the rough and tumble of the business world with no one to guide him, Hari Khemka let his instincts take over and mastered the craft of every business, he moved into.

Today he commands the field of security and surveillance through his flagship brand, CP Plus, which is the youngest and fastest brand to enter the club of Top four security brands in the world.

On The Move, his autobiography, captures the journey of Hari as a relentless entrepreneur, sprinkled with incredible anecdotes of his business challenges and triumphs.

About the Author

A determined, dedicated and immensely disciplined man, a philanthropist by tradition; Hari Khemka is an example of sheer perseverance. Hari has a reputation for starting businesses from scratch and building them into formidable entities. His incredible journey as an entrepreneur began when he was barely nineteen years old.

Today, decades into his entrepreneurial journey, Hari Khemka led Aditya Group has more than 30 MNC tie-ups, 40+ branch offices spanning across India, and 11 offices across the globe; whose products and solutions are assisting and serving people across 60 countries worldwide. He is an inspiration to everyone at Aditya Group/CP Plus for his humility and magnanimity, despite his extraordinary achievements.  
  • Joining his business at the age of nineteen, Hari Khemka’s achievement will resonate with every aspiring Indian.
  • His brand CP Plus is the youngest and fastest surveillance brand to enter the club of Top 4 security companies in the world and the Top 2 in Asia.


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