Ever imagined a world where there are no books and libraries? One would never know the past beyond 3–4 generations.
For over 5000 years, books are being used as a medium to carry forward whatever experiences humanity has discovered to future generations.
Most people would agree on the fact that the biggest currency human beings can earn in their lives is ‘Experiences’. One reads books to gain experiences, perspectives, entertainment, or knowledge.
But the experiences and knowledge that is gained by every reader are very exclusive. No one knows what the other person learned from a book. Thus, knowledge sharing and collective learning is the key to shorten the learning curve.
“Learn from the wisdom of others. You can’t live long enough to experience everything yourself.” – Jasleen Khurana, Co-Founder & Creative Head, Qwerty Thoughts
Qwerty Thoughts has launched a one-of-its-kind social reading, experience-sharing and self-publishing platform for books, where people from any part of the world can connect with like-minded readers and read books together, as well as discuss and share their experiences inside books, all in real-time.
It is a complete digital ecosystem for the book industry, where readers, authors, publishers, and book clubs are all inter-connected and engaged on the same platform.
It is built to reform the online publishing and learning space to shorten the learning curve and enhance the knowledge that people derive from books using the power of community reading and collective learning.
“Technological innovation in the book industry is still at a very nascent stage and is slowly picking up momentum. We are here to catalyse this shift and redefine the way people read books.” – Prateek Gupta, Co-founder and CTO, Qwerty Thoughts
On QwertyThoughts.com, anyone can create their own online book community, start virtual reading rooms, find like-minded readers and connect over the books that they want to discuss.

Live chat and discussions can happen on every paragraph, where readers can share their perspectives and learn what others have to say. They can also share paragraphs from a book on social media or embed them anywhere on the internet, just like people share quotes from their favorite books.
This creates multiple entry points for a book, eventually increasing its discoverability and also bringing credibility to the shared content as clicking on the paragraph brings inside the book, at that very page of the paragraph.
In times of “social distancing” due to Covid, "social reading" through this platform is helping people connect over the love for books without moving an inch.

Here is how it works-
  • Start your online book club, for free.
  • Create your own virtual reading rooms and schedule events after choosing the books that one wants to connect over and discuss.
  • Share your experiences, reading journey, learn with others, all while live-reading and discussing inside books, together with people having similar reading interests.
“The book will never be judged by its cover anymore, but by its content.”
Authors and publishers can connect directly with their readers to get detailed feedback and insights of what people are talking about inside their books, which is more relevant than just getting a review or rating.
Authors can share their writing journey and work-in-progress right from the day they start writing, and update their “writing stages” status as they move ahead. This helps the reading community keep up with the writing journey of their favourite authors, potentially creating a buzz before their next book is released, resulting in an upsurge in book sales numbers.
Qwerty Thoughts is focused on changing the way people perceive books and revolutionize how they are discovered, discussed, shared and experienced.


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