- Monoclonal Antibody Leads for COVID-19: A Way Forward In Combating COVID

NAGPUR, India , Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- To fight the Novel coronavirus SARS-COV-2, the virus behind the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 disease, a Nagpur based Indian biotechnology company, GeNext Genomics (GNG), is contributing by isolating the antibody gene pool of the cured COVID-19 patients that will unravel target antibodies for neutralizing SARS-COV-2. The therapeutic antibody is a bullet-like drug which targets and neutralizes the virus. One of the core biological characteristics of SARS-CoV-2 is the presence of spike proteins that enable this virus to invade host cells through its receptor binding domain (RBD) and cause infection. RBD is a crucial region on the virus's spike protein which is being evaluated for identifying inhibitory/neutralizing molecules. The GNG team isolated the antibodies from a diverse gene pool which were phage displayed and panned through RBD and spike proteins of SARS-COV-2.

Using its proprietary Antibody Library Platform, GNG has successfully identified a few strong binders that will soon be evaluated for its efficacy towards target and developing a potential future therapy. Currently, the team is characterizing these binders for neutralization and efficacy against SARS-COV-2. The development would go in phase-wise manner with collaboration for pre-clinical and clinical studies. GNG hence aims to build a therapeutic monoclonal antibody neutralizing RBD domain.

Speaking on the development Supriya Kashikar , Founder & CEO, GeNext Genomics said "GNG is working towards developing an indigenous  solution to COVID-19 by identifying Monoclonal Antibody Binders from cured Patients of COVID-19".  She further added that "Monoclonal Antibody has a huge potential in formulating a biologic drug for SARS-COV-2." She also added that, " Our Prime Minister addressed the scientific fraternity to work towards this pandemic and that has triggered us to use our expertise and try to bring out the solution. This is just the first milestone but we will fast track it to successful lead development."

Currently, monoclonal antibody-based therapy for COVID-19 has been approved by FDA for emergency. GeNext Genomics aims to build a therapeutic valued antibody which will be much efficacious than current approved therapy. Although drug discovery is a long journey, the scientists at GNG aim to complete the molecule validation and antibody development by early 2021.

Apart from COVID-19 therapeutic target validation, GNG is also developing Biosimilar Clone of Golimumab under National Biopharma Mission. GNG aims to develop a therapeutic pipeline gradually and make India self-sustained with its discovery and solutions for healthcare.

Notes to the Editor:

About GeNext Genomics Pvt Ltd.

GeNext Genomics Pvt Ltd.(GNG) was founded in 2011 by its CEO & Founder , Supriya Kashikar and  is a biotechnology firm that focuses in the areas of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Proteins Development. The Mission of GNG is to become front-runners in High-Throughput Antibody and Protein Production assuring quality and excellence. The company believes in developing assets through innovation, research and development. The company is located in Nagpur, Maharashtra. GNG currently has three patents and is developing more indigenous IP related innovations. for more info, pls. visit: www.gng.asia

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