MEERBUSCH, Germany , Nov. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A new VoD CDN solution with unparalleled New Year offers for SMEs has entered the Indian market. ArvanCloud , trying to help small and medium-sized businesses in the time of COVID-19, offers 10GB of free Storage and 50GB of free Traffic in December 2020 for VoD CDN customers.

With PoP-sites around India , the company announced that SMEs with a tight budget would benefit from their CDN services. "ArvanCloud offers specific solutions for SMEs to assist them in reaching their audiences in a fast, secure, and reliable manner," reads the company's press release.

ArvanCloud is an international CDN provider with more than 40 PoP-sites globally and counting. It has successfully offered competitive CDN and Cloud Security solutions in Europe , Australia , and the Middle East before entering India .

ArvanCloud offers its solutions to customers in more than 38 countries. Anycast network, Web Acceleration, DDoS Protection, WAF, Cloud Firewall, Video CDN, and Live Streaming are among ArvanCloud turnkey solutions. Comparing to its competitors, the provider offers most of its features free of charge and on a Pay-as-You-Go basis.

The company provides many solutions with several features in its free tier. They include Managed DNS with unlimited traffic and Advance DDoS Protection, full features of CDN solution up to 50 GB in every geographical region (Europe , Australia , Asia , and America), Cloud Security services, and all features of Video CDN (VoD streaming) up to 10 GB.

ArvanCloud's Live Streaming Platform allows video content creators and distributors to transform their video or live stream content to multiple qualities and formats. Customers can also store and publish their live stream in an unlimited cloud video hosting without worrying about infrastructural issues.

The Live Video Streaming platform of ArvanCloud enjoys the Content Delivery Network solutions to provide a better speed experience for end-users. CDN Live Streaming helps SMEs deliver video content from the nearest geolocation to their users, enabling them to watch videos without delays and with the best possible speed and quality.

Notably, ArvanCloud has supported almost 150 thousand concurrent users at live events on the Live Streaming service with the least possible delay during COVID-19.

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