Stratbeans Game-Based learning helps organizations to enhance their employee's skills during remote working 

Stratbeans, a leading AI-based digital learning solutions provider has developed a unique approach to enhance employees' skills while working remotely. Game-based learning solution aims to motivate employees and help them enhance their skills and quality of work through its engaging approach.

With the rising need to train and prepare the remote workforce during this unprecedented time, quick learning has become even more critical. Adopting innovative and cost-effective game-based learning significantly speeds up knowledge transfer, provides an engaging learning experience that promotes social learning, keeps employees aligned, and prepares them to achieve business goals. The company has helped more than 100 corporates to upgrade their critical thinking and work profitability. Stratbeans is able to develop the complete courses or even short games that can be mixed with the current e-learning content.

Commenting on the same, Prasoon Nigam, CTO & Co-Founder, Stratbeans expressed, "There is a significant shift in the mindset of corporates where digital tools for upskilling are not just add-ons but a crucial factor defining business success in today's day and age. Game-based learning has emerged as one of the most powerful mediums for businesses of all sizes to motivate learners and help them to achieve their job goals and hone their skills in the current times. With our game-based learning solution, we aim to improve learners' engagement and enhance learning outcomes, by streamlining the organization's needs to support and upgrade the employee's aptitudes during the pandemic for better business outcomes."

Stratbeans custom solution of game-based learning creates the balance for the course subject matter along with the gameplay and also improves overall collaboration, while motivating teams to be competitive and perform better. The users can retain the knowledge and apply the learned matter into the real world.

About Stratbeans -

Stratbeans provides technology platforms for driving customer success through Digital Transformation of learning, collaboration, and revenue generation. Founded by Sameer Nigam, Prasoon Nigam & Pradeip Agarwal, Stratbeans provides enterprises with a 360-degree approach in Digital Transformation of all the business functions and enables individuals and teams to learn together to perform better for business growth and profitability.

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