Few would have even thought that technology can change the very concept of human living. Some decades ago, humans played indoor games and outdoor games in their leisure time. Neither children nor professionals get time for leisure. But, recently, things have become more modernized. No wonder many
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For example, while travelling by public transport, there are many who play online games through mobile. But will the same continue for the future? As per scientific experts, the answer lies in the next set of years to come. The alternative has been found for playing online games anywhere and everywhere. Device to be used? It is surprising to see smart watches considered the best alternative to playing online games than mobile.

Smartwatches for Playing Online Games

There are many who had different notions about usage about buying an Android smart watch. But with many developers designing online games for smart watches, they are in for a pleasant surprise. However, still many doubts linger in the players’ minds. The mobile is a larger device than the smart watch. So, the actions for playing online games on watches have to be limited, such as swipes or simple taps. There are many smart watch games designed only with only the swipe action (game - Castle Stormer).

Development in Designing Smartwatch Games

It is always the same – a new technology will face challenges in the beginning. But the same technology will survive if customers around the world accept the changes with open arms. Online games in smartwatches are facing a few hiccups such as in performance levels and interface decisions. The same events unfolded when mobiles ushered in a new era of playing online games on their screen. To be honest, mobiles were first designed for the sole reason for being just a communication tool. To be specific, they came as an alternative to the pager.

Will history repeat once again? The watch, which many of the human ancestors used as a device only for watching time – will the same device become an alternative to the recent mobile when it comes to playing online games?

The best scientific minds are optimistic and predict that watches can serve two purposes – that of giving information on time and becoming an easy device to play online games. Smart Watches Having Features For Playing Online Games
  • Casio
  • Pebble
  • Gear S2 3G/4G
  • Minecraft Gameband
  • Fossil FTW5037 Smartwatch
  • Zeblaze THOR S
  • Bosch X5
Please find the best Smartwatch Games For Android Wear
  • Space War
  • Infinity Loop
  • Lifeline 2: Bloodline
  • PaperCraft
  • Rubik’s Cube
  • Galaxia
  • Wearable Chess
  • Wear Droid
  • Oreo Ocquarium and Nougat Land
  • Tilt
Best Smartwatch Games for Apple Watch
  • Rules!
  • Trivia Crack
  • Field Day
  • Letter Zap
  • Snappy Word
  • Bubblegum Hero
  • Pocket Bandit
  • [offbeat] - NetBet casino India

The Pre-requisites of Online Games in a Smartwatch

How do the online games work in mobile? Via the apps. Correct? So, the online games should be designed in such a manner that it should work both with Android as well as iOS devices. Heard about the Apple Watch? It can work only in tandem with the iPhone. The same goes for Android Wear watches which can support only the other platform. There are very few online games which can work with full satisfaction on both platforms. With a mobile phone, it is possible to respond with ease to a call, answer to a text, change the music and play online games. The customers may want all these features even in a smart watch with online game facility. Other than these features, there are expensive mobiles which come with sensors to check your heart rate, have WiFi, BlueTooth, battery life and water resistance.

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So, the next round of years, customers can expect to purchase a smart watch not only with the online game facility but also a lot of other features.

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