For those who are unaware, a smartwatch is a computerized wristwatch, which means that there are certain functions of the computer that are inbuilt into it. Modern smartwatches are equipped with touchscreen interfaces just like touch screen laptops. Believe it or not, lively innovations in the smart wearable sector have contributed it to one of the world’s biggest industries.

Wearable Technology: Then and Now

In its early developmental stages, smart wrist watches could only even perform basic tasks like calculations and digital time telling. But throughout the 2010s, smart watches have developed more functionality that are pretty much similar to smartphones. Scuh features include the addition of mobile apps and a mobile operating system. 

Some smart watches also possess Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions and have their own media players, complete with FM radio. The technologies for games function on smart watches have long since been available.

The first ever smart watch to capture the full capability of a smartphone was by Startup Omate with the TrueSmart

In its early developmental stages, smart watches were pretty large in size and this was probably the reason why the battery life was very short, not lasting more than three or four days at the most.

So for this reason, new technologies had to be invented which included the invention of new display technologies and new Operating Systems designed specifically for smart watches.

Some of the current smartwatch Operating Systems (OS) to date include:

  • Wear OS: Wear OS, was previously known as Android Wear and is a smartwatch operating system that was developed by Google Inc.

  • Watch OS: Watch OS is another mobile operating system developed by Apple Inc. designed to run on the Apple Smart Watch.

The evolution of Smart watches has given them an indispensable place in our social lives as far as tech apps go. One can almost substitute the smartphone with the smartwatch seeing as how there is little or nothing that the smartphone can do that the smart watch cannot do.

It can browse to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and literally any other social media app you can think of.

The functionality may not include the same kind of sophisticated graphics that you are used to seeing on smartphones, but they are good enough to catch and hold your attention over the few minutes you might have to spend waiting for a dental appointment or something else.

Moreover, you can even play different online slot machines right on your watch. How cool is that? You can even try out Invaders Mini, Pocket Bandit, or Trivia Crack, for example. They are easy and fun to play.

The Reality of Smartwatches 

Undeniably smartwatches, have made it easier for people to look up information on the go. Communicating has become more mobile. People don’t just use smartwatches to search for information but also to take calls and set alerts and reminders. 

They have become an integral part of our lives. Contrary to the convenience they bring, some might argue that with a screen only a couple of inches big, it becomes more difficult to access information. 

However, it is important to realize that smartwatches may not allow you to play games with amazing graphics, but you can still while away some time playing games that do not require you to pay too much attention. Like we said: it is all about convenience.

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