The Kerala-based startup Livve has announced that they have raised $1.5M in seed funding through angel investors. Livve started in 2015 in Cochin, Kerala, and now has a strong presence in Delhi, NCR, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Dubai. The rental space provider will use the funds to improve the housing industry thus transforming the mindsets of the owners as well as the tenants. 

"We're pumped up with excitement to change the housing ecosystem. With this boost of motivation, we're sure to change the way people perceive rental space till now. Revolution in the rental ecosystem is on its way!," said Maya Lakshman, COO of Livve.

For the property owners, Livve provides an assured high rental returns that help stabilising their rental income whereas for the tenants, they provide low deposits and a standardized living experience with a standard set of furniture which is uniform across all our properties, no owners interference policy or any hidden charges. Another interesting feature the company has evolved is low one-month deposits which can be used as the last month's rent rather than deducting it with unknown charges. Also, with Livve, a tenant can be assured to receive their full advance on the same day of vacating the property, which is a new, hassle-free way of dealing with rental owners.

The business model of Livve involves selecting properties that surpass the average ratings of a house, improve their interiors, offer rent models to the owners at par (depending on the location and society), standardize the property with a set of furniture including the ACs, sofa, TV, wardrobe, bed with a proper mattress, lighting, study table etc. and finally put it up for rent. What makes Livve unique is that for the owner of the property, they will provide you with the agreed rent, irrespective of the pandemic or any crisis, and for the tenants, everything in the property is fixed already so the experience is as if they've entered a luxurious hotel. The company's vision is to sell a lifestyle, both to the owners and the tenants.

Another celebrated initiative taken by the company during the pandemic period was paying rents on behalf of the tenants who are not able to pay for themselves due to the salary cuts and job drops. That way, the owners were safeguarded with the rent they were promised and the tenants were relieved. Around 480 house rents were covered by Livve till the month of May 2020.

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