After a gap of 30 years on 29th July 2020, the Government announced the “Education Policy 2020”. The policy mentioned many changes along with making coding a part of the school curriculum from Grade 6 onwards. According to Gaurav Perti, CEO – Purpletutor, “Coding which was once viewed by parents as co-curricular, has now moved mainstream”. This is a marked shift and makes coding on par with math, science and other subjects. Purpletutor which teaches coding to kids in the age group of 6-16 years has seen a surge of enquiries in the last 4 months, says parents now don’t need to be convinced on the importance of coding.

Coding was already a part of school curriculum in many countries like the USA and other developed markets. In India, some schools have started to realise the importance of the computer science, but adoption has been slow. With the proposed changes, this will bring about a sea of change and that too in quick time. Schools by and large in the earlier grades have been teaching computer applications & how to use a computer. “Learning coding has so many benefits, like improvement in logical thinking, critical reasoning and even creativity” says Gaurav Perti. This focus towards learning coding will bring the curriculum of Indian schools on par with some of the best of the world.

Coding is seen as the skill of the next decade, CEO’s of all major companies, from IBM, Microsoft, etc realise the importance of coding. The ever increasing reliance on technology has given enough of the thrust over the years to recognize coding as a key skill. With the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation in each company has seen an accelerated pace and technology adoption has been rapid, the physical and digital world’s a merging to an extent. While it is to be seen finally the changes the National Education Policy brings in at a school level, one thing is sure that technology or coding skills are going to be one of the most demanded skills.

About PurpleTutor

PurpleTutor was started with a vision to provide “Coding for All”. We recognize how Coding or rather Computational Thinking has become as important as Reading, Writing and Arithmetic today. Founded by educators and technology leaders from IIT, IIM and Carnegie Mellon, PurpleTutor aims to build the next generation of creators by empowering them with the art of coding from ages 6 -16 yrs.

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