If you think you are losing control of your fitness with this pandemic, worry no more! sense.bio, an IoT (Connected to Internet) based fitness and health app for you and your family launched in India to help you with your home workout, diet plans, and simultaneously monitor your health. It is an app that provides fitness, wellness, nutrition, family health monitoring on one single platform. The aim is to catch the attention of more than 90 million health-conscious individuals (HCI’s) who are presently an integral part of our nation’s population.

The zeal to make a better world where people can have maximum access to healthcare services has always concerned Atul Kapoor, an IIT Bombay alumnus who is the brain behind sense.bio.

Today the healthcare sector isn’t that organized, and people do face problems due to the lack of proper treatment facilities and the advanced healthcare system at home or even online. sense.bio is here to break the myth and give maximum access to a variety of healthcare services under one roof. The main focus is to give people a healthy environment to treat their body and mind healthily.

The app lets you take control of your goals by tracking calories and steps, breakdown ingredients, log activities, check BMI, and weight. It helps you check your heart rate, respiration rate, oxygen levels, and blood pressure through your smartphone, without stepping out of your home with the help of a sensor device. It suggests your diet plans and home workout plans according to your access to the equipment. Additionally, it also gives you reminders for your pills and monitors your water intake along with your likes and dislikes in food items. The app also keeps a track of your aliments/habits and routine schedule to help you achieve your goal. 

Keeping in mind how the traditional healthcare system is almost on the verge of vanishing and online healthcare seems to be the new normal Atul Kapoor said, I decided to introduce a health and wellness platform for an individual and his family with a pure intention of helping people to own a healthy body and mind”.

sense.bio has also announced that they will be having a complete package which will enable people to track their health and wellness, for oneself and their family members. Unlike other healthcare providers in the market offering package systems, sense.bio offers a specific healthcare package system that is exclusive “all-inclusive”. This means, not only an individual gets to enjoy the benefits, but their family members too enjoy the benefits. The software works for everyone and anybody can avail the package and the benefits will be extended to their family members irrespective of age and any type of gender discrimination of financial status dependencies.

sense.bio works on a freemium model, the premium version of which will give people access to personalized and customized diet recommendations and allows you to interact with nutritionists and health coaches. Overall sense.bio is here to transform the overall healthcare experience of millions of people across the globe and in India.

The app is available on the play store and soon to be launched on the iOS store as well. App Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sense.bio


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