• More than 50,000 Indian companies and 10,000 Indian start-ups can benefit from the CoRe among the 100,000 companies expected to use it globally

  • Orbit Future Academy from Indonesia and Natio Cultus in India have developed an advanced tool for businesses to quantify and understand the impact of COVID-19 on their businesses.

  • A first-of-its-kind, the tool was created based on the extensive experience of Cultus in this field and the combined skills and experience of the contributors; Nalin K Singh, Sachin V Gopalan, Dr. Ilham A Habibie, Deny Rahardjo & Sunil Girdhar

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced business owners and entrepreneurs to re-examine their business continuity plans. Orbit Future Academy, in partnership with Cultus has created CoRe, the world's first COVID-19 Readiness & Business Impact Assessment Tool.

CoRe uses powerful algorithmic tools to allow an individual to assess the impact of COVID-19 on their business. It analyses twenty-eight factors that are impacting businesses in these times along with the answers provided by the user to formulate a quantified impact score between 0 and 99. A low score indicates future difficulties for a company, whereas a high score not only suggests that the company is healthy, but also indicates that there exist potential opportunities for growth.

This Indian-Indonesian venture provides businesses with an analytical basis to assess and formulate business plans and long-term strategy for the post-COVID world. Moreover, the tool generates the report within 4 hours of submission of answers by the user and the tool is reasonably priced at US$9.45. The time a user spends is less than thirty minutes. The report comes with an explanation provided by industry leaders and offers possible scenarios for your business to help it encounter potential challenges.

Dr. Ing Ilham A Habibie, who is analyzing the socio-political impact of COVID-19 stated, "With great economic uncertainty engulfing businesses around the world including Indonesia, entrepreneurs and business owners need new tools to navigate their way our of the COVID-19 pandemic. Technology can be an enabler for businesses to survive the current downturn and prepare for the post-COVID-19 environment."

Nalin Kumar Singh who led the project explains: "The tool provides business owners an understanding of the severity of the impact to their business, whether positive or negative and provides business owners the baseline from which to get a headstart in planning for the post-COVID world." The online tool is available at multiple platforms including the primary website www.orbitfutureready.com.

The technical architect, Sunil Girdhar elaborates on the challenges in building the assessment tool, "It was not about just giving a score. There are so many factors that are impacting businesses individually and in combination depending on where the business is located, where their clients are, their cash position, the industry they are in, the supply chain disruption and so on. The tool appears as a simple thirty minute questionnaire at the front-end but the complexity of the algorithm is immense."

Sachin V Gopalan, who helped build the strategic outreach plan for the tool stated that, "We will use this tool to assess not only over 10,000 existing companies and start-ups in our and partner ecosystems, but also the 3,500 new Post-COVID start-ups that we have been asked to incubate, train and mentor over the next 3 years. We are working closely with several Indonesian Government agencies and Universities to mitigate the effects of a post-COVID world by creating new jobs and start-ups at a grassroot level. The aim is to bring in technology based innovations, build local supply chains solutions and kickstart the process of value creation and money flow at a village level."

CoRe aims to start as a quick assessment tool but will eventually use elaborate AI algorithms to suggest and recommend new approaches and directions based on data emerging from the collective wisdom and action of companies, entrepreneurs and innovators who are responding in myriad ways to the business impact of COVID-19.

Orbit Future Academy has been founded with the aim of improving the quality of life through innovation, education and skills training. The Orbit brand is a continuation to the legacy of the Late Dr. Hasri Ainun Habibie and the Late Prof. Dr. Ing. B J Habibie, 3rd president of the Republic of Indonesia. They both have been a moving force in supporting the development of Education, Innovation and Technology in Indonesia.

Natio Cultus is a global strategy consulting company. We counsel our clients on their key strategic issues, leveraging our deep industry expertise and using analytical rigor to help them make informed decisions more quickly and solve their toughest and most critical business problems. We cut through the standard layers of Corporate speak to align you and your organization for optimum focus towards your clients & markets.

Started by industry veterans with more than twenty-five years' experience each, in some of the top global corporates; we are committed to aligning vision of the company to its strategic objectives. Regardless of whether you are a start-up looking for a distilled strategy or a mid-size company looking at international markets or a large company looking for complete organizational transformation or an executive looking for career advice or a business leader looking for strategic guidance; we are your partners every step of the way. We don't just advise but implement & deliver!!

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