Indian space agency ISRO has invited proposals from national research/academic institutions for developing affordable and indigenous cutting edge technologies for human survival in low earth orbits and beyond for space exploration.

Notably, there is need to build capabilities to derive scientific benefits from ISRO’s ambitious Human Space flight Program, which endeavor to send humans to destinations from low earth orbits and beyond.

Human Space Mission requires innovations and creative technologies for space explorations which will lead to widening of scientific knowledge, economic growth, value addition to the quality of life of a common man and thus national development.

ISRO has solicited technological proposals in the areas of: radiation hazard characterization and mitigation, space food, inflatable habitats, human robotic interfaces, thermal protection systems, environmental control and life support systems, green propulsion, debris management and mitigation, energy harness and storage, in-situ 3D manufacturing; fluid technology and management, space bioengineering, bio-astronautics, simulated gravity; human psychology for long term missions, space medicine and diagnostics and others.

The last date for submitting the proposal is 15 July, 2020. More Info Here

Last year in February, chairman of ISRO K Sevan announced that that India is capable of developing a space station of its own , and later in November, he said that ISRO doesn't want to be a part of the ISS (International Space Station) and will instead create it's own space station in 5 to 7 years. The space station will have room for three astronauts.

Via ~ Telangana Today (IANS)

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