mCaffeine, India’s fastest growing caffeine infused personal care brand has partnered with Clinikk, the healthcare startup to provide free medical facilities for the employees and their families in this current 21 days lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic.  

This association will help mCaffeine employees and their families to get access to 24*7 medical support and unlimited and free consultations with doctors on call through their helpline number. All doctors are qualified (MBBS or specialization), with extensive training in telemedicine. Post the consultation; a signed prescription will be shared on SMS/WhatsApp & the Clinikk App. If a further diagnosis requires lab tests, the sample will get collected at home. Employees can also order medicines online and can get benefited from discounts. 

Tarun Sharma, co-founder & CEO, mCaffiene said, “The need of the hour is to extend maximum possible support to your employees and their families. Besides assuring the job and financial security, it is pertinent to take care of their physical and mental well being. In a lockdown scenario when one cannot step out of their home more so because of the spread of a highly contagious virus, its our responsibility to take care of their health needs. We don’t want them to compromise or neglect themselves. In such a panic scenario one may not know whom to approach or where to go. 

While all employees are working from home; we want them to be tension free regarding any health problems of themselves and their families by providing them door-step medical facilities. Clinikk app which gives a one-stop solution will provide the much required ease and convenience. Employee wellness is prime at mCaffeine. More than 400 people will benefit from this association.’’

Bengaluru based health tech startup, Clinikk is revolutionizing the approach to healthcare in India, by building a one-stop solution for all healthcare needs at just one-phone-call-away. The ability of Clinikk is to diagnose and treat certain ailments using remote technology instead of person-to-person contact, thereby creating ease of access to medical care. 

“At Clinikk we believe in becoming the first point of contact for any medical need that a family might have. Being there for them 24*7 ensures that we are able to detect any medical problem proactively at its onset and make necessary intervention before it manifests itself as a more serious issue", Said, Bhavjot Kaur, co-founder of Clinikk Healthcare.

Apart from doctor consultations, if any medical information is required for eg. partner hospitals, it can be directed to the Health Assistants, who provide relevant, accurate information. Based on seasonal change, medical history etc. - Clinikk provides personalized awareness building information through WhatsApp, SMS and IVR calls. The languages currently supported are; English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bangla, Assamese, Marathi.

About mCaffeine

India is now seeing innovations in areas which were once dominated by imported products and foreign brands. Confidence over colour; this simple thought guided the development of MCaffeine as a personal care brand. Inner beauty trumps everything else was an idea that Vikas and Tarun, the co-founders of MCaffeine were absolutely convinced about. While conceiving the identity and character of the brand, the duo also laid out strict boundaries for it. They wanted to do research based products that connect with people, says Vikas. The market is full of brands that make you look down upon yourself. We decided that we will never sell insecurities as a brand, says Tarun. They believe that beauty has no colour or gender, it's all about well-being.

With caffeine at the heart, they make premium world-class products using Coffee, Tea and Chocolate. Caffeine present in Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate has magical properties of Hair and Skin Care. Caffeine penetrates the surface and helps in growth and shine in case of hair and glow and glide in the case of skin. The effectiveness of Caffeine is well researched and documented in the latest dermatology and Trichology.

Caffeine does its magic on hair by going to the hair follicles and strengthening the hair roots and hence delays Hair Fall. On Skin, it removes the dead skin, delays the ageing process and works as a powerful antioxidant. Add to it the omnipresence of caffeine as a social lubricant and a lifestyle indicator - they see a Global Brand emerging from India.

MCaffeine is India’s first caffeinated personal care brand. mCaffeine as a brand is for the Bold | Young | Confident. mCaffeine largely targets young millennials of India. The brand is focused on the millennial lifestyle with mass premium offerings. mCaffeine as a brand is gender neutral and never supports colour discrimination. The brand’s promise to the world is that they will never sell fairness creams. 

They are positioned as a unisex brand for emerging and evolving millennials aged 20 to 28. MCaffeine focuses on India for now with global potential for the future. The brand embodies the millennial ethos with key principles of: clean label (natural as a choice), why hurt (no animal testing), confidence over colour (don't sell insecurities or fairness products).


Healthcare in India continues to be broken and chaotic, especially for people with limited means or access to quality care. Running pillar to post for prudent and quality medical counsel in time of need, is regrettably, the norm today.

Clinikk is revolutionizing the approach to healthcare in India, by building a one-stop solution - for all healthcare needs - “one-phone-call-away”. Clinikk deliver affordable and accessible services, to your doorstep, on-demand, and 24*7. By helping our customers navigate the healthcare system, and safeguarding their interests, we are building a healthcare experience like never before - centralized, convenient, affordable, and above all, worthy of our customer’s trust.

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