Huawei has also announced the launch of the fourth edition of its legendary Next Image Awards. Huawei's Next Image Awards is one of the world's best online photography awards that is committed to broaden the horizon of visual culture and encourage mobile photography worldwide.

The "NEXT" in NEXT-IMAGE refers to the next generation of photographers using the next generation of tools to create and spread the next generation of visual content - all with new forms of interaction and feedback. The "IMAGE" part of the name refers to both static imagery and new forms of dynamic visual expression.

Huawei has proposed the "NEXT-IMAGE" concept not only to highlight the many years of innovative spirit it has brought to the field of visual expression, but also to create a new word that conveys its insight into what it believes is growing into a new school of photography. In 2019, more than 150 + countries participated and over 520,000 entries were received.

The competition requires the participants to send their best photograph, which will be meticulously judged by the jury members. Under the umbrella of the competition lies six categories, one of which a participant must stick to while submitting his/her entry. The participants have to send their entries and brownie points will be awarded to shots taken through a Huawei phone. Apart from the 3 grand prizes of USD $10,000 each, each of the 6 categories will have its own winners. Fifty runner ups can also win the flagship Huawei P40 Pro smartphone each.

The six categories are as follows -

  1. Near Far - Discovering new places and new experiences thereby using new features of phone camera, for instance tele-photo, super-wide angle or macro-shooting lens.

  2. Good Night - Capturing fun moments in low light.

  3. Hello Life! - Sharing the emotion or the inspiration in everyday experiences.

  4. Faces - Experimenting with identity and the power of portraiture of you yourself, her/him/it or them.

  5. Live Moments - Filming stories in less than 10 minutes (at least 10 seconds, mp4 only).

  6. Storyteller - Sequencing 3 to 9 photos to express the emotion, to record the changes or to find a trend.

The jury consists of eminent photographers such as Steven McCurry and Elizaveta Porodina, along with Li Changzhu, Vice President of Handsets Product Line of Huawei CBG and Andrew Garrihy, Western Europe CMO of Huawei CBG.

"Huawei's Next Image Awards is one of the world's most well-known online photography competitions. Since 2017, more than 150 countries have participated and we have received more than 1 million submissions. We extend the invitation to all photography enthusiasts worldwide to participate in the contest and win exciting prizes of upto USD $10,000. We truly believe that a photograph is worth a thousand words and has the ability to capture the beauty all around us," said Huawei's spokesperson.

The entries are open from March 26th 2020, and will close on 31st July, 2020.

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