In today’s business, providing fast, effective customer service is paramount. Customers expect to have any queries and issues they may have addressed as quickly as possible. While it can be challenging meeting the demands of customers, one way to do it is to set up a call centre.

Establishing a call centre can be expensive and time consuming. However, did you know setting up an international call centre could prove less costly? Here, you’ll discover why setting up a call centre in a destination such as India could be beneficial and how it could be done.

Why is India a good place to set up a call centre?

When you take a look at the international call centres most UK businesses use today, you’ll find they largely consist of Indian based call centres. This is because Indian based call centres provide a lot of great benefits to businesses. Some of the main benefits include:


  • Low cost set up

  • Large available workforce

  • Helping to provide 24/7 customer service

  • Access to the latest technology


The cost of setting up a call centre can be extremely high. However, when you set one up in India, you’ll benefit from a low-cost setup. In the USA and the UK, it is thought to be three times more expensive to hire call centre staff than it is in India. So, as well as offering initial low-cost benefits, Indian call centres also provide long-term cost saving operational benefits. 

There is also a lot of workers available in India so staffing the call centre wouldn’t be an issue. It also allows you to offer your customers support 24 hours a day due to the time difference. Then there’s the fact India has a great technology sector, giving workers access to the latest call centre technology.

These are just some of the main benefits that come from setting up an international call centre in India. However, setting one up can be challenging.

How to set up an international call centre

So, now you know the benefits, how can you begin setting up a call centre in India? There are a few key questions to ask yourself before you get started. How many employees will the call centre need and where should it be based? You’ll also need to look at the technology you’ll need. It could be worth outsourcing your call centre requirements rather than setting one up from scratch too. There are lots of pre-existing international call centres that are willing to take on additional business.

One thing you’re going to need to familiarise yourself with is the laws surrounding setting up an Indian based call centre. Different countries have differing employment laws. So, understanding the legalities is essential. You can seek advice from experts at RSM to ensure you’re meeting the legalities and to gain a better understanding of the laws in place.

You’re going to need to make sure you give yourself enough time to set up the call centre too. On average, it is estimated to take around six months to get a call centre properly set up. It is possible to reduce this timeframe, but it certainly isn’t easy. You’ll also need at least one person in charge of overseeing the project.

These are just some of the steps you’ll need to take. Deciding whether to set up a call centre from scratch or outsource your requirements is the first thing you should figure out. Outsourcing can prove much more cost effective and timely. However, you’ll still need to understand the legalities. However you do it, when implemented correctly, an international call centre based in India can have wonderful benefits for your business. 

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