A self-employed society empowers every Household to spend more on Education and Health which increases the prosperity and Harmony of a Country. When more Households engage in self-employment opportunities, it propels the economic growth of a Nation by creating a multiplier of employment opportunities for others and an increase in quality of life for everybody. A progressive Country is the one that provides gainful self-employment that generates economic prosperity and an ability for millions of Households to deal with economic Shocks.

It is therefore important that self-employment should be considered the Biggest and Most important indicator for a prosperous economy. In a rapidly changing world of technology, it is imperative for every Leader to support technology platforms that have the ability to generate meaningful and large-scale self-employment opportunities. In Today’s World, Innovate and Collaborative Technologies are the only Solutions to create Large Scale Self Employment for every Household.

Despite considerable economic progress in India, the gap in gender participation between men and women still remains large. In other words, adding more women to the self-employment force can bring huge economic gains for the nation. A large-scale inclusion of Women for self-employment opportunities enabled through simplified technology can be the Biggest Disruption in India to evangelize Economic Prosperity.

Government of India has initiated many self-employment programmes as a policy tool to fight against poverty and social upliftment since independence. Poverty alleviation programmes are classified into self-employment, wage employment, food security and social security programme. As we have progressed as a Nation, different self-employment programmes have been introduced by GOI. 

While the Government will continue to take credible steps, Private Sector companies and Start-Up’s can make a lasting difference to Self-Employment. Homefoodi is India’s 1st Mobile Application for Home Food made by Homemakers working from Home. With a Mission of “Ghar Ghar Start-Up”, it is committed to creating India’s Largest Self Employment opportunity for Women. It’s a recognized fact that women make a lot of sacrifices by taking a leadership role in managing the House, raising children, looking after parents and/or in-laws. In doing so, a lot of women often end up becoming homemakers not by choice but because of circumstances.

Homefoodi is empowering every homemaker to turn as entrepreneurs by giving a unique platform to work and earn from home. Homefoodi was launched in Noida on Diwali 2019 with over 100 Home Chefs and in a span of just 3 months has over 200 Home Chefs. Homefoodi has already received over 1000 applications from Home Makers in Noida. As per National Restaurant Association of India, Home Chefs are a new and fast-growing category in the Indian Food Service industry. As per a research carried out by Homefoodi across the Top 10 Cities in India, it is estimated that around 10% of Homemakers are passionate about cooking but don’t have a platform for reaching out to customers. This opportunity translates to over 2Million households who can potentially become Home Chefs.

Homefoodi is aiming to have 1 Lac Home Chefs as it scales to over 10 Cities in India in the next 2 Years. Homefoodi is igniting the women entrepreneurial spirit in the country. The chef application allows every Home Chef to manage their business with the comfort of a few clicks. All Home Chefs have the freedom to decide the days of operation, timing, listing, pricing and even promotions. Homefoodi has made it extremely convenient for every woman to understand the opportunity and has robust policies to make them successful.

As a practice, Homefoodi team visits everyone at the comfort of their Home who reach out to join. All selected Home Chefs are supported to manage their business professionally by addressing all their challenges of Banking, FSSAI registration, food photography, Packaging, Delivery, online payments and lastly Marketing. Homefoodi have made strong collaborations with the support Ecosystem and have continuous workshops for all Home Chefs. Every Chef is ably supported to ensure a seamless on-boarding on the platform with adequate training to understand the market potential and leverage every opportunity.

Homewood has been very responsible in selecting Home Chefs. As a practice, Homefoodi team visits the aspiring Home chef to check for Food Tasting, Food quality, hygiene and cleanliness of their kitchen and Packaging standards. All Home Chefs are 100% FSSAI Certified. With rapid urbanization many working professionals and youth are not having a Balanced diet. They end up eating outside food that is often not fresh and sometimes un-healthy and un-hygienic. Homefoodi is making a difference towards “Healthy India” by creating something that is deeply rooted to Healthy Eating.

Homefoodi is empowering every Woman to embrace Entrepreneurship and contribute towards Nation Building.

About Homefoodi:

Homefoodi is a Mobile Application for Home Food made by Home Chefs that empowers and connects society. Based out of Noida, the company has a mission of creating “Ghar-Ghar Start-Up” with an aim to create India’s biggest self-employment opportunity for women by offering a platform to earn from home being a Home Chef. Every home chef on Homefoodi has a long history of patronizing some age-old recipes and cuisines carried forward from generations. At Homefoodi every chef has been handpicked for their exceptional culinary skills and the highest standards of cleanliness.

The company aims towards advocating initiatives like Healthy India, Women empowerment, which empowers every homemaker towards nation-building and healthy India. The screening criterion for all chefs is a comprehensive process. To deliver 100% authenticity, the Homefoodi team visits the aspiring Home Chefs to check for food tasting, food quality, hygiene and cleanliness of their kitchen and packaging standards. All Home Chefs are 100% FSSAI Certified.  

Homefoodi is a subsidiary of BLD Dine Home Private Limited, incorporated in Noida. The company has offices in Noida and Gurugram and will be available across the Top 10 Cities very soon.

For more information, kindly visit https://www.homefoodi.com

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