The Hyderabad headquartered Start-up Cellestial E- Mobility, rolled out a new, and its first E-Tractor today, with performance metrics that match 4X of the equivalent Diesel-Powered tractor.

The Electric Powered Tractor is Equipped with advanced features like battery swapping, Regenerative braking, Power Inversion (use the tractor to power a UPS), Charging from Residential AC outlet and fast charging which will hugely benefit the Indian Agri and goods carriage Market.

Cellestial Mobility Founders (L-R) Siddarth Durairajan, Founder& CEO, Syed Mubasheer Ali - Co-Founder& Partner, Vinod Moudgil, Director, Midhun Kumar -Director Manufacturing

Unveiling the prototype, Siddhartha Durairajan, Co-Founder Promoter of Cellestial E- Mobility said, "The e- tractor is engineered to be a zero-emission environment-friendly tractor for horticultural or Greenhouse works or moving goods within factories, warehouses and to haul baggage in airports. Besides, Cellestial’s 6HP electric tractor (equivalent to 21HP diesel tractor) is equipped with residential power socket charging and battery-swapping enabled."

“The Cellestial e-tractor can cover up to 75kms on a single charge, has max power of 18 HP and 53 NM peak torque and reaches a speed of up to 20 kmph. It recharges in 6 hours with Cellestial’s proprietary Residential Charger at any conventional single-phase 16 Amps outlet! and with an industrial infrastructure setup, it can fast-charge in 2 hours flat,” said Syed Mubasheer Ali, Co-Founder & Partner, Cellestial E -Mobility.

On average, the running cost of the Cellestial E-Mobility Tractor is significantly lower than its Diesel engine counterpart. The running cost of a conventional 21HP diesel Tractor is roughly around Rs. 150/- per hour while for the Cellestial E-Mobility Tractor will be around Rs. 20 - 35/ - hour.

According to industry estimates, 8,78000 units of tractors were sold in 2019 and this entire market holds the potential for Electric tractors. The market for tractors is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.9% per annum until 2024.

“Cellestial E-Mobility targets to build 8000 tractors in the next 36 months and further increase its production capacity in Balanagar Industrial area to meet the rising demand of the e-tractors,” said Midhun Kumar - Director Manufacturing.

“The market offers huge potential for us, that is why we would like to lead the market and are betting big in this segment,” Siddhartha expressed. Various Governments’ new policies and their eagerness to introduce electric vehicles, rapidly decreasing battery costs, technological advances in charging infrastructure, innovative business models, the influx of smart digital technologies, as well as green policies and subsidies, will bolster companies like us, he added.

Cellestial E-Mobility Tractor is based on smart technology solutions, indigenously developed to cut down on emissions and helps boost fuel efficiency, thereby enhancing productivity and agriculture output. Designed for Regenerative braking (also called regen) Cellestial Tractor electric drive systems possess the capability to convert the vehicle’s kinetic energy into chemical energy stored in the battery, where it can be used later to drive the vehicle.

The leadership team at Cellestial E-Mobility comprises Siddhartha Durairajan, with an Engineering Design Expertise of 25 years in new-age manufacturing design; Syed Mubasheer Ali with 23 years of expertise in advanced battery technology; Midhun Kumar with over 16 years of Casting, Machining and Fabrication Expertise and Vinod Moudgil with over 30 years of expertise in Tractor Manufacturing & Marketing.

Cellestial E-Mobility began its operations in May 2019 and raised a round of investment of USD 200,000 funding from Singapore based Angel Investor.

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