Rising untoward incidents against women across the country require collective efforts to ensure that women are safe in the country. The government is doing its parts and Risers Accelerator – a group of 35 successful entrepreneurs based out of Delhi are aggressively promoting start-ups with a vision to bring positive changes in society. In this realm, Risers Accelerator has called out to give initial funding of up to Rs 2 crore to startups who innovate in technology for women safety. The funding amount may increase considering the scale and scope of the product.

Rachit Chawla

Risers focused on the need to improve women’s safety. So, in case everything fails at the last moment, the technology on your phone or any other device would be able to help your family / friends / police to locate you or warn you for any potential threat. "Reading about gory offences against women has made us think for weeks. We wanted to play a role in ensuring that women safety should be the prime concern. In this age of technology and startups, we came up with the idea that if any startup comes up with a feasible idea in this regard, we will help them in growing their business," says Rachit Chawla, Director – Technology & Finance, Risers Accelerator.

The National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data for 2017 released this year shows instances of reported rape surged from 34,651 in 2015 to 38,947 in 2016. Similar is the case with other crimes against women. "Startups are prospering in the country and many people look for ideas that have an impact on the country’s economy only. We wanted the people to think of startup ideas which not only take care of the commercial benefits but should also have a social impact," added Mr Chawla. 

They added that as accelerator they want the tech startups to come at the front and be the partners in the change the country requires the most.

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