Risers Accelerator has supported Cosmeto Food Organic Pvt Ltd, a startup that provides taste-able authentic Ayurvedic organic handmade skin care products. Cosmeto was started in 2016 by Mr. Himanshu Chadha. Valued at Rs 20 crore, Cosmeto has been successfully operating pan India and is exporting to about 35 countries. Looking at the scope and the way plan is panning out, Risers Accelerator has funded Rs one crore for product distribution. Risers Accelerator is aimed to provide adequate financial, infrastructural, and knowledge support to all the potential startups, and by 2025, it is determined to add
INR 3,00,000 Crores in the country’s GDP.

Due to increasing focus on personal care the market for natural and organic cosmetics market is thriving. As per the report by Market Research Future (MRFR), the global natural and organic cosmetics market is predicted to touch USD 25,100 million by 2023. “We have valued Cosmeto Food Organic at about Rs 20 crore, and are in talks with the promoters to invest seed capital. We will mentor them for distribution and digital marketing,” Mr. Pravin Khandelwal said who is the Leadership & Motivation Director with Risers Accelerator and Mr. Rachit Chawla, Director – Finance & Technology at Risers Accelerator.

"Our products are proudly free of paraben, animal by-products, silicon, mineral oils, toxins, alcohol and other harsh cosmetic chemicals which are safe to be tasted as well. Since they are made of almost 100% natural ingredients, you might mistake them as natural food because of their appearance and texture. And yes, they are all taste-able," says Mr. Himanshu Chadha, founder, Cosmeto Food Organic Pvt Ltd.

The products by the company are made from ECOCERT Certified organic ingredients with tested and authenticated proven formulations."Our products are based on our years of expertise. These offerings bring immense beautifying and healing effect for skin texture to be ever glowing without any side effects," adds Mr. Chadha.

Organic Skin care is skin products made of plant derived ingredients along with some other naturally occurring ingredients. These ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, GMO and so on and often come with an Organic certification. The integrity of these unadulterated ingredients is maintained in the best way possible with little to no additives. From here the best ingredients for the specific goal are chosen and a natural preservative system is used for longevity.

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